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The piece today is a follow up to my last write up in which I vouched on the character and integrity of Vice President, that he would do the right thing on any state matter devolved to him  by Mr President, I urged my readers who were un settled with the appointment of the VP to chair the committee set up by the President to investigate the graft against the former SGF. a chance. Very few of them agreed with me while many  cried foul that the committee would not come out with a far reaching decisions on the allegations of corruption labelled against the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation Mr Babachir .

I said it then and I still stand by my  statement that the VP is a good man and anybody who doubts his ability to be fair, just, diligent and a political in any State matter is either ignorant of his antecedents or is just playing politics.
Since my last write up on the issue the Vice President has proved me right at least on three occasions.
Firstly, the way he kept the country together at the height of the agitations of the members of IPOB  for the actualization of  independent state of Biafra and the call  by the Northern Youth Group requesting the Ibos to vacate the North. The way he handled the situation with dignity and character was exemplary.

His performance during period  when Mr President was on medical sojourn out of the country for a period of more than 103 days  was commendable, un paralleld in the history of our great country.

To date, since  Mr President, resumed office no single Nigerian Media however critical they have been of the VP have written any single story accusing the VP of fumbling in the discharge of his responsibility as the acting President. This demostrated the general acceptability of the VP stewardship.

Secondly, when the President appointed the VP to chair the   committee to investigate the allegations of financial impropriety labelled against the former SGF, many  doubted the ability of the committee to be fair and  a political in their recommendations. All sorts of hypothesis  regarding the committee’s ability  to come out with conclusions that would be acceptable, became a subject of intense debate among political pundits.

Now that the report is out and  Mr President had acted on it by formally sacking  the former SGF for the thievery in the grass cutting saga. Those who doubted the impartiality of the VP must be bitting their fingers .

As to when  the former SGF will have his first day with the EFCC, the buck still remains with the President.

Thirdly, when the debate on Sukuk Bond dominated the headlines in the Mass Media, the Christian Association of Nigeria, raised  alarm that the Federal Government is trying to Islamatise Nigeria.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), in a statement issued by its General Secretary, Rev. Musa Asake, demanded the abrogation of the laws and framework behind the bond and threatened to seek legal redress if that was not done.

The group said the FG was trying to sell the nation to Arab countries through the Sukuk Bond, arguing that the government was pursuing an Islamisation agenda.

According to the Christian body, Nigeria is a secular state and the government is expected to be neutral on issues involving religion. It argued that the promotion of a sectional religious financial policy was a violation of the Constitution.

It went on to say, “The recent floating of Sukkuk Bond by the government is not only sectional but illegal and a violation of the Constitution. Every law that has been promulgated to back the Sukuk issuance and promote an Islamic banking system in Nigeria is ultra vires, illegal, null and void.”

“Therefore, the manipulations and scheming to smuggle the country into a full blown Islamic state should stop; these manipulations became apparent with the smuggling of Nigeria into the Organisation of Islamic

“The FG must dismantle all legal and institutional framework established to promote Islamic financing in Nigeria.

“We affirm that the territorial integrity of Nigeria is undermined through the issuance of Sukuk in the country. We hope that the government shall desist from its policies of unbridled religious sectionalism,”
Sukkuk is an islamic bonds, structured in such a way as to generate returns to investors without infringing Islamic law (that prohibits riba or interest).

Sukuk represents undivided shares in the ownership of tangible assets relating to particular projects or special investment activity. A sukuk investor has a common share in the ownership of the assets linked to the investment although this does not represent a debt owed to the issuer of the bond.

In the case of conventional bonds the issuer has a contractual obligation to pay to bond holders, on certain specified dates, interest and principal. In contrast, under a sukuk structure the sukuk holders each hold an undivided beneficial ownership in the underlying assets.

Consequently, sukuk holders are entitled to a share in the revenues generated by the Sukuk assets. The sale of sukuk relates to the sale of a proportionate share in the assets.

Since the beginning of 2000, sukuk have become important Islamic financial instruments in raising funds for long-term project financing. 
By 2011 over more than $19bn had been raised through 30 issues of sukuk bonds on the London Stock Exchange. 

The Federal Government in an initially response to CAN, through the Minister of Information and culture denied any plan to Islamitise country.

The Minister Lai Mohammed, said the financial initiative was borne out of the need to include people who are opposed to interest-yielding enterprises.
“Sukuk is not an attempt to Islamise Nigeria in any form. On the contrary, it is an attempt at financial inclusiveness. The difference between Sukuk Bond and other bonds is that if you invest in Sukkuk bond, you earn no interest.

The Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, a senior clergy at the penta coastal church of Nigeria choose the occasion of the Greater Nigeria Pastors Conference convened by Apostle Wale Adefarasin and Rev. Abayomi Kasali to declare that “it was impossible for anyone to Islamitise Nigeria as claimed by Christian leaders

He cautioned that the recent uproar over the country’s subscription to Sukuk Bonds was not justified.

He bluntly stated that “Part of the problem is the failure of Christian leadership to take its rightful place. We focus our minds on something we call the Islamic agenda. We look for it everywhere as if we are looking for demons.

“But where is the Christian agenda. Are we not entitled to one? We are too divided as Christians to have an agenda. The key to the unity and progress of Nigeria is in the church.”

According to him, there were no plans to Islamise Nigeria through the Sukuk bond or the country’s membership of the Islamic Development Bank.

He said that apart from Nigeria, many nations of the world including the United States of America and the United Kingdom had also embraced the system as a result of its progressive nature.

He said, “The Sukuk is an Islamic concept, which enables people to have access to credit. It is essentially like a bond. The US, UK, China, South Africa have all used the Sukuk. Once there is money in the market, let us not get sentimental. The most important thing is for us to use those monies well.

“Some people say there are some hidden things in this arrangement and that one day somebody is going to take us over. Where? How will that happen?

“These are straightforward financial systems used all over the world. I don’t think it presents any real problem. It is a very progressive financial system.

“Nigeria became a member of the Islamic Development Bank in 2005 and the first person to sit as director of the bank was Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

“The second person to sit as a director is the current Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, and both of them are Christians. So, when people talk about Islamic agenda, sometimes I am lost.

“The person who brought us into the bank is not a Fulani or Northerner, the person was a Christian, so why are we complaining? Nigeria is the fourth largest shareholder in the Islamic Bank.

“This wasn’t Buhari’s making. We must have facts before saying things. But above all, we must ask ourselves if being a member of the bank profits us or not.

“For me, I have no problem with this. We can use what we get there to develop our society. This is the most important thing to me”

By now you can see the reason why I chose these three issues because all have the potential to over heat the polity and they  represent some challenges to our Cooperate existence as Nation.

It also shows the passion, the bluntness, the nationalistic conviction of the VP to address matters affecting the State without mincing words.

Speaking to the Ohanaeze leaders at the height of Kanu agitations for the actualization of independent Biafran state.
The VP demonstrated similar Nationalistic fervour when he said  “I firmly believe that we ought to address these agitations and proclamations urgently and decisively. Burying our heads in the sand and expecting the storm to blow over of their own accord is not an option. But equally not reasonable is falling for the temptation for tit-for-tat. It has never worked or moved us closer to a solution or resolution.

“Government, must  deal with these pressing issues and grievances. And we will never shy away from the responsibility to ensure and uphold the peace and security of Nigeria.
“As leaders, we carry the burden to secure the peace, progress and prosperity of our people, and that is why our voices ought to be heard and heard loud and clear at moments like this in the defense and articulation of what is truly beneficial to the nation and the people, and what is right and patriotic”.

The VP in my view is the type of people we need in leadership in Nigeria. People who can  speak the truth irrespective of their religious tilt, regional or political persuasion. Every time he speaks you feel the sincerity, honesty, patriotism and the nationalistic fervour in his words.
Next you hear the VP is involved in any National assignment   believe in him and expect that the matter would be handled truthfully and deligently as he is not given to frivolity, nepotism and sectionalism.

Today, the VP remains one of the most respected and trusted member of the administration. He commands respect and admired across the political divide. 

Common mistakes Muslims face in determining Qaabli and Baadi

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah
Common mistakes muslim face in the determination Qaabli and Badi
Bismillah Rahmon Roheem.


Explanation to “Qabli” and “Baadi” in Salaat.

Qabli is the SUJUD you make before SALAM

when you mistakenly OMIT obligatory parts ofsolat.

WHILE Baadi is the SUJUD you make after SALAM when you mistakenly ADD during solat.

During salaat one may make a mistake and ADD something to his or her salaat or OMIT something in salaat.
These two mistakes often confuse some people on how to compensate for them. 

I will try to explain the two terms bcs they are very important to complete our salaat properly.

When you add anything like RAKAAT, SUJUUD etc. in SALAT which makes the SALAT more than expected, we term it BAADI. 

To compensate for BAADI you will add two Sujuud after final Tashahhud and Tasleem then sit down to repeat tashahhud and

Tasleem to complete ur salaat.
When you noticed you’ve shortened or omitted something in ur salaat then compensate with QABLI. It is compensated by two sujuud after the final Tashahhud before final Tasleem. If you are wondering omitting something whiles reciting tashahud then just do Qabli and try to increase ur Sunnah salaat or Naflat salaat to help fix any unknown mistakes to our fard prayers.
Please ask any question if you don’t understand anything above.

Note: Tashahhud is the ”Attahiiyaat to end” and Tasleem is the final 

”Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah we say by turning our head to the right then to the left”. 
May Allah keep guiding us. Have a great weekend.



Larry and Harry, two homeless men were given a chance to travel to a third world country on an all-expenses paid trip. They were told to carry nothing and return with nothing…
They were to make sure they spend all that was given to them. Provision had been made for their expenses and welfare which they would get upon arrival at their destination. 

The only caveat was that neither of them knew when they would be asked to return home. 
As they arrived, they were both given a huge sum of money and a credit card with no limits, but reminded to spend it all before returning to their home country. At this, they became instantly wealthy by local standards.
 Harry thought to himself “Wow!

This is my opportunity to live like a king for I don’t know how long this would last”. So he went and rented a Ferrari and rented the best room in the best hotel in town. 
He went to the best stylist, shaved and transformed his looks. He had parties everyday. Everyone in the city thought the cars and the wealth were his and they loved and respected him for it. 
At the back of his mind, Harry knew he would go back home someday and leave all of it behind but he didn’t want to think about it.
Right now he was living in the moment and enjoying himself to the fullest…
Larry, on the other hand rented a small Honda to get him around town and stayed in a modest inn. He thought to himself “This money will not last and I don’t know when I am going back so I have to do something tangible with it.” He decided to use it to change some people’s lives while there was still time.
So he got busy, went out on the streets and started making a difference. He didn’t just give away money, rather he tried to help

people be self-sufficient. He paid off all the school fees of some promising young ones to enable them get an education and take

care of themselves and their families. 
He found some responsible adults and funded them in a business that guaranteed they would be able to take care of their family and create employment. He devised a means of helping some of the homeless people get off the street and getting them into a trade for he thought “I wish someone would do this for me when I get back”. In short, while Larry was there, he was busy changing lives…

Then after just two months they were suddenly notified that it was time to go back.

They hadn’t even finished spending all the money but still had to leave it all. 

They both said their goodbyes and headed for the airport. At the airport they were given their original clothes to put back on before boarding the plane back to their country…
Harry reminisced on the good times he had but wasn’t too happy that he was going back to his old life. How would he readjust to being homeless? 
Larry on the other hand felt good. He came with nothing and is leaving with nothing, but he at least helped others with a chance at life and that alone meant the world to him.

Readjusting to being a homeless person wouldn’t be a problem because he never lived like the wealth was his anyway and always had it at the back of his mind that he would leave it all someday.

Little did they know that each moment they spent on vacation was being secretly recorded and they would be rewarded accordingly.
Now, which one do you think would be cast back out to the slums as a homeless person and which one would be entrusted with large sums of wealth and position of authority?

 The same goes with our lives here on earth. 
We are sent here on a mission and will return empty handed except for the recordings of our dealings here on earth. Yet, many of us walk around thinking that the wealth we have is ours to keep forever. We look at ourselves in the mirror and think that what we see will always be there, forgetting that we are wearing a temporary cloth, a human body, that would be required of us before we leave this world. 
Our vacation on earth is but a short time while eternity is forever. How we spend this vacation determines how we get to spend eternity.

Think about it‼‼‼


The dust over the controversial reinstatement of the flamboyant Deputy Director and the fugitive Ex chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team Abdulrasheed Maina, who brags of recovering over two hundred and eighty two billion Naira pensioners money to the corpers of the  government may be settling down, just like the reports of many high profile scandals, that are picking dust in government vaults and shelves un implemented across the country . 

    The saga will die down like many before it. We have seen the hype and frenzy generated by the millions of Dollars recovered at an apartment in Ikoyi, the millions impounded at Kaduna airport, the Babachir  grass cutting scandal, and many allegations against the President’s men, the list goes on and on. But so far no one  has been punished for the alleged crimes. 

    The import of this write up is not to find out who to blame for the reinstatement, the sacking of Maina from the civil service, this will be saved for another discourse when the report demanded by the President on issue is made public. 

    The purpose of this write up is to advice Maina to stand up and clear his name in the light of the claims of evidences he said he has regarding the activities of his committee.

    In the ensuing debate a friend of mine  scastically told us that  if you want steal money in Nigeria, steal “BIG” the Police will send you a senior officer to investigate and in the process you could  cut some deals and matter would go into lacuna forever. However  if one wants to go to prison steal “SMALL” a junior police officer would be sent  to harass your life and you would ultimately end up in prison.

    As if this is not annoying enough, he further added that If you want eat and enjoy your loots in Nigeria make sure you become a conduit,  steal for the bosses and accept to pick the crumbs from the table, you will be guaranteed protection by the “Big Men”

    However, in the event  the media stumble on the matter or a whistle blower decides to speel the beans since the bosses are involved a committee would be set up to  investigate the matter and the report will never see the light of day.

    Equally, the agencies who are responsible to deal with such  issues  will have their hands tied down and rendered prostate since “Oga at the top” is handling the matter. Consequently, the culprit is free the bosses are happy and life goes on. 

    One of such high profile cases that is still drawing the name of the country to the mud is the Malabu oil saga. The Vice President speaking at a conference organised by Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Monday, October 23.
     Said “It is important to underscore the fact that opacity in one section of the globe undermines openness in the other. We need to break down this wall together as we are all at risk of the evil effects of opacity in business ownership.

    To further underscore this statement he added that: “Nigeria is still grappling with the negative consequences of the use of opacity by senior members of government and their cronies between 1993 and 1998 awarding themselves juicy contracts in the extractive industry.”

    The  Malabu oil saga where the high and low in our society were involved is still a subject of litigation internationally, but the government is not keen in persuing the culprits because” Very important Persons” (VIP’s) were involved. The matter should therefore be put under the carpet at the expense of our collective National image and pride.

    Maina a Deputy Director in the civil service with rising profile leaves un precedented flamboyant life style which even the Head of Service can not afford. He is  the cause of his problems. He was too loud and upfront, this makes his bosses perhaps uncomfortable so he must be sacrificed quickly so that he does not speel the beans. The guy may need to read the 21 laws of power. 

    To know who is Maina one needs to look at the background of the officer. If it is true that Maina was just an Assistant Director in the civil service and could buy a house worth Two Million US dollar in Asokoro as is  being alleged then something is definitely wrong somewhere.

    Maina in his defence to the allegations labelled against him In a telephone conversation with presenter of “Radio Barekate”
    He said,  the committee recovered about N282billion pensioners money, established e-payment schemes for pensioners.  He also claimed no body gave him any kobo,  and that the committee had no account of it own. Then how come the Senate committee and EFCC are accusing him of embezzling billions of Naira? 

     In another interview with the press  he said ” the Pension cabal was after his life. “I am fast losing confidence in the country called Nigeria. “Imagine, I have suddenly become a villain for saving the country billions of naira, being stolen daily by pension thieves.
    “I’m saddened, demoralised by the whole mess. It is baffling that the hunter has become the hunted. It is simply ridiculous. How can one continue to fight for the country and the poor pensioners, when the system is so rotten to the effect that the thief catcher is being branded as the thief?” he lamented. 

    I think Maina needs to take some lessons from the EFCC Chairman on how corruption fights back.

    If Maina’s claim to have,  recovered N282 billion, blocked areas of leakages where pension funds are being siphoned, is true then he does not deserve the treatment he is getting, in fact he should be nominated for the National Merit Award.

    The question to ask is why does Maina go into hiding each time the heat is on. With all the documents he claims he has that would exonerate him from all the charnges.  why go under or even ran away from your home country and remain a fugitive forever. Good men never fear or  hide they confront their problems head on, especially when they have the conviction they are right.

    So far in all that  Maina has said, he did not address the main issues the government is accusing of, rather he was just  trying to generate sentiments so that he could be seen as a good man  being innocently persecuted by the cabals and the agencies of the state.

    My advice to Maina if wants to be taken seriously,  he should as a matter of urgency willingly submit himself to the EFCC answer all the queries they would confront him with and clear himself of the allegations against him.  

     I know he is claiming of several attempts on his life but since he can suruptitiously enter the country and resume duty,  nothing can stop him from paying a visit to the EFCC to answer their query. For how long would he remain under and a fugitive?  

    But if he still feels un safe he could  take the  bold step by authorising his lawyer to swear an affidavit and deposit all the documents he has in court and publish same in the National dailies for the records and put the whole matter in the public domain and allow the due process of the  law to take its cause and exonerate him and his committee from blame. 

    Posterity is there to judge him in the event what he fears happens to him. These are part of the hazards of public life,  so be bold and do the right thing. 



    The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has passed the half mark of the time allocated it by the Nigeria electorates courtesy the revised 1979  constitution, wether or not it has  fulfilled its promises to the Nigerian people in the 28 month, it has been power, would be saved for discussion another time.

    A lot had been said and written on our  move towards the egalitarian society we all yearn for and wish to bequest to the next generations of Nigerians.

    Our successes and failures down lane in the 57 tortuous years that we passed through as an independent Nation State  speaks volumes about us as a people.

    Nigeria like any of the nation states  that were calibrated by colonialism  had its own fair share of the polemics. and contradictions  in its journey towards nationhood. The path has been  turbulent, and full of uncertainty.

    The polemics and the booby traps along the way, which has arrested our collective desire to move forward, integrate and develop as one indivisible people seems to be with us, in spite of the great strides in western education and relative development we have achieved.

    57 years ago  since we wrangled our selves from the shackeles of colonialism, several years since the military went back to the barracks to allow our nascent democracy to grow, nurture and mature, we are still  pointing accusing  fingers at colonialism and the military for our woes and failures in moving the country on the path of development.

    In spite of the evils of colonialism, we must agree it nurtured our economy  through the development of trade and cormmerce, banking, civil service, transport, rule of law and good governance.

    It has served as catalyts and linchpin of our drive towards building a great nation.
    However it may be argued that the colonial government built institutions which  main goals were to develop their own economies at expense of the settler countries. The relationship was un arguably exploitative, but it served as the bedrock for our journey towards self governance.

    The Military in depending their  incursions in to the national body  politics, claimed the political  class failed to steer the  affairs of the country towards the path of growth and development. 

    They often sighted, leadership deficiet, corruption. nepotism maladministration. bickering and civil strife as the reasons why they had to intervene in order to save the country from abyss and self distruction.

    The antogonist of the military dictatorship also argued their intervention in the polity has trancated our march towards achieving a stable demcracy.

    To them everything about the military is bad and they have no business with governance .  For them the military ethos introduced to the political space are antithesis to all  democratic tenant’s .

    According to them the military only succeeded in militerising  the pysche of the Nigerian people and trancated our journey towards building an enduring democratic structures and government.

    The political class that emerged  during the  colonial  period gained support because their  nationalistic and patriotic desire to wrestle power from the colonial government.

    But soon afterwards they realised the importance of power and its benefits. They clinged to power in order to achieve  their selfish, personal, group and subtreanian interests. They  continued with legacies of the colonial government of divine and rule.

    The country which is now above half a century,  has grown and can longer be considered as young, even though it is still grappling with teething problems of growth. 
    Some still believe Nigeria is an artificial construct  put in place by colonialism with out taken into cognisance our differences as a people, a marriage which is imperfect and must therefore be desolved.

    They hold the view that the arrangement did not respect our cultural and geographical boundaries. And they want us to believe this has been the root cause of our problems and underdevelopment .

    Be it as it may, 57 years since our journeys towards  nationhood and after undergoing a civil war that consumed about one million lives if we are still thinking of succession or redefining how we can  live together, then something must be fundamentally wrong with us a people .

    America hinges it successes as a nation on its immigrants population. China and India the world’s most populous countries  are striving because of their populations. 

    China is not monolithic but today nobody is calling for successions. In fact till today they lay claims on renegade regions of  Taiwan and Hong Kong who are agitating for self rule and wanted to break away. The same thing between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir Province . The  Kurdis movement and Iraq. The latest in western Europe, Spain and the Cataland Province.

    In today’s world where population has become a factor in economic growth and power. Here we are still calling for the valcanization of our society.  Our diversity could be used as a source of strength in the interdependent world system which is  governed by globalisation and world trade.

    The Nigerian problems  are not our linguistic pluralism or diffrences in religion, but rather greed, nepotism, corruption, selfishness  and the docility of the population. The people have over the years mortgaged their conscience to the tiny ruling elites who have understood their psyche. They have come to the conclusion that we can only bark but cannot bite.

    Our docility has given the ruling elites the false assumption that they can leads by the shackles. They have come to believe with the stipends they give during election and the use of the cohesive agencies of the state at their disposal they can determine the course of events in their favour. 
    For how long shall we continue to allow our “leaders” to box us in to submission and blind following.

    In a democratic society, the people have the right to decide and hold their leaders to be accountable. They hold the key can change their leaders every four years.
    We must never again allow the bad and ugly in our society to continue thieving our common wealth with impunity and treating us like the slave and slave matters, while we hold the franchise to determine who will rule us.

    All the heus and and cries about seccessionism, restructuring and whatever acronym the elite would choose to define our existence . They are doing so no out of love for  the masses. But rather their main goal  is to see how they can continue enslaving us in order protect the massive wealth they have stolen from our common wealth.

    They thieved our Treasuries dry  in the states and frustrated the entry in to the political process through anointing their cronies and purchased their tickets to the National Assembly where they can continue to legislate mega salaries and allowances for themselves and cool down to protect and eat their ill gotten wealth while our collective fortunes continue to nose dive to a level of pity .

    The falacy did stop there they continued to  use the instrumentality provided the assembly to keep chocking the system to favours their lust for the good things of life at our expense.

    1. The PMB government which many Nigerians believed would be the messiah in solving to our collective national problems, has so far demonstrated that it too, had been overwhelmed by the cabals that are all over the space watching like the proverbial vultures searching for wherever they can spot our common wealth so that they can swoop and feast on it.

    So before the whistle is blown and RACE BEGINS  for another circle of rituals of selecting our “leaders,” we must ensure that only good people of proven integrity and honesty are returned or elected to the three tiers of government.
    We must not return the kleptomaniacs, the rapists, the amoral , the rogues, the charlatans, the vote stealers back to the States and National Assemblies to make laws for themselves.

    We must not also allow the government houses in the States and Aso Villa to be occupied by indecent people.We have been short changed for too long. 

     Let us take interest  in those that are going to represent and lead us. 

    Join me in this crusade for political correctness  by sending your comments and contributions to


    😂😂😂I cant stop laughing, I just love these kids…
    *Teacher:* How old is your father?

    *Kid:* He is 6 years.

    *Teacher:* What? How is this possible?

    *Kid:* He became father only when I was born.


    Children Are Quick and Always Speak Their Minds


    *TEACHER:*   Joseph, go to the map and find North America . 

    *JOSEPH:*        Here it is. 

    *TEACHER:*  Correct.  Now class, who discovered America ? 

    *CLASS:* Joseph.👻👻👻

    *TEACHER:*   Wale, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor? 

    *WALE:*  You told me to do it without using the tables.


    *TEACHER:*  Adigun , how do you spell ‘crocodile?’ 

    *ADIGUN:*     K-R-O-K-O-D-I-A-L’ 

    *TEACHER:*  No, that’s wrong 

    *ADIGUN:*      Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.   

    (I  Love this child) 🐊🐊


    *TEACHER:*  Rebecca , what is the chemical formula for water? 

    *REBECCA :*   H I J K L M N O. 

    *TEACHER:* What are you talking about? 

    *REBECCA:*  Yesterday you said it’s H to O.   �‍♀�‍♂


    *TEACHER:* Moses, name one important thing we have today that we didn’t have ten years ago. 

    *MOSES:*      Me! 🙋‍♂


    *TEACHER:*   Abraham, why do you always get so dirty?         

    *ABRAHAM:*       Well, I’m a  lot closer to the ground than you are.    👨‍👦  


    *TEACHER:* George Washington not only chopped down his father’s cherry tree, but also admitted it. Now, Peter , do you know why his father didn’t punish him? 

    *PETER:*          Because George still had  the axe in his hand……     🔨🔨


    *TEACHER:*      Buwembo, your composition on ‘My Dog’ is exactly the same as your brother’s.. Did you copy his? 

    *BUWEMBO :*      No sir, It’s the same dog.   🐕🐕

    (I want to adopt this kid!!!) 


    *TEACHER:*    Femi, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? 

    *FEMI:*     A teacher 😤👺