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Common mistakes Muslims face in determining Qaabli and Baadi

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah
Common mistakes muslim face in the determination Qaabli and Badi
Bismillah Rahmon Roheem.


Explanation to “Qabli” and “Baadi” in Salaat.

Qabli is the SUJUD you make before SALAM

when you mistakenly OMIT obligatory parts ofsolat.

WHILE Baadi is the SUJUD you make after SALAM when you mistakenly ADD during solat.

During salaat one may make a mistake and ADD something to his or her salaat or OMIT something in salaat.
These two mistakes often confuse some people on how to compensate for them. 

I will try to explain the two terms bcs they are very important to complete our salaat properly.

When you add anything like RAKAAT, SUJUUD etc. in SALAT which makes the SALAT more than expected, we term it BAADI. 

To compensate for BAADI you will add two Sujuud after final Tashahhud and Tasleem then sit down to repeat tashahhud and

Tasleem to complete ur salaat.
When you noticed you’ve shortened or omitted something in ur salaat then compensate with QABLI. It is compensated by two sujuud after the final Tashahhud before final Tasleem. If you are wondering omitting something whiles reciting tashahud then just do Qabli and try to increase ur Sunnah salaat or Naflat salaat to help fix any unknown mistakes to our fard prayers.
Please ask any question if you don’t understand anything above.

Note: Tashahhud is the ”Attahiiyaat to end” and Tasleem is the final 

”Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah we say by turning our head to the right then to the left”. 
May Allah keep guiding us. Have a great weekend.