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When I first came in contact with Abba Kyari before he was appointed the chief of staff to the President my initial impression about him was a mixed feeling.
His unassuming posture endeared him in my mind while the state of his feeble physical appearance gave me the discomfort he may not stand the rigour of the office.

Like always when I am faced with some complex situations I try to engage and compare notes with my mentor, as I find him to be very objective not judgemental. He gives his honest assessment of issues even if it does not effect him.

He shrugged and smiled at my comment but later turned to me and said give Abba some time he is capable, of conquering and dominating his environment. He added by saying the guy is brilliant, hardworking and sneaky. I was relieved because that is the quality of the person you require for the job.

I usually don’t doubt his assessment on an issues. I hold on to whatever he tells me seriously. My mentor is never flippant, brutally frank and honest that is why many people are not at home with him.

With this information, I tried to know more about Abba Kyari. I googled the internet to know his antecedents. I was shocked with what I saw. From then onwards I started under studying the gentleman.

Sorry, l did not tell you at that time, I was working under the office of the Vice President office as a Director, Abba has just been appointed the chief of staff to the President. In no time he took control and proved my mentor right, since then he keeps surprising in respective of what people say or write about him. His major sin is, he likes his people, who wouldn’t?

The office of the Chief of Staff is central to the Presidency. It is the clearing house for all communications in and out of the Villa. It is the last bus stop for anyone who would like to engage with the President.

The appointments and schedules of the President are handled by the office. The holder of that office, must to some extent know the President well for him to function effectively. That is why appointment to the office is personal to the President. It does not go through Parliamentary or Party considerations. We know it is appointments season but let us not destroy someone for self aggrandisement.

I was amazed when I saw on television that some group who call themselves Concerned APC National Stakeholders (CANS), were demonstrating calling on President Muhammad Buhari to sack the chief of staff.

The reason the group gave for the removal of the Abba, he is part of the cabal.
The President through his Presidential aide, Garba Shehu, came and said “the demonstration will change nothing as Buhari alone will decide who he will work with and who he will sack. The demonstrators must know this and put it in their thick sculls and save the us from their rantings.

That is what expected to come from the Presidency. Why are this group calling for the removal of Abba? I am sure they don’t understand the role of Abba in the system.

The office of the chief of staff is strategic. It processes and plans the calendar of the President.
It analyse all issues that requires the consideration of the President. It does so by consulting and subjecting matters requiring consideration through extant rules and due process to aid the President take informed decision.

His main duty is advisory based on facts devoid partisanship. The President always takes the final decision.

In all Presidency be it in Nigeria or anywhere, we have what we call the “President’s Men”. Under this group are layers of personal advisers depending on their interactions with the President. You always hear nomenclatures such as the kitchen cabinet members, the cabal etc.

The President, also have other non visible advisers, the public does not know of, who are central in the process of decision making.

Unfortunately, Abba does not belong to those group. He is the face of the President, that is why he gets the bashing and called all sorts of names.

Remove Abba today, the next person who comes on board will suffer similar accusations. The crime of Abba, he is just doing his job, doing the things the President wants him to do.

Remember during Jonathan era, when similar interest groups and the mass media, were shouting, demanding for the removal of the then Chief of Staff Mr. Aiyegbeni Oghiadome, calling him all sorts of names.

The former President succumbed to the pressure. No sooner he was removed, the phantom accusations went with the winds because they were bunches of lies, fabricated just to get him out.

Remember Yar Adua, inherited his Chief of Staff from Gen.Obasanjo, Gen. Abdullahi Mohammed. When he was removed the office was closed. Tanimu took over as the Principal Private Secretary, to the President doing the same job of the Chief of Staff. I don’t have to you remind how he was treated.

I am glad the President responded so quickly by nipping the bud so early, it would have distracted him from choosing a good cabinet and attending to other state matters confronting him.

Worry not Abba, those behind the demonstration would soon be uncovered and exposed for who they are, continue with your good work. Good luck.


There are some life experiences that stick in the mind, not because they can not be forgotten, but because of the enduring impact they make in ones adult life.

While growing in my little village, a small community where everyone knows one another. We were taught to fear, respect and speak the truth to people in authority.

The first group are the Emirs, the village heads, community leaders and Imams. They were feared, revered and respected. Their words represent the collective wisdom of the community. They were known to be hard talking, brutally frank and not selfish.

These group of leaders double as the Imams and Judges. They settle community disputes and say it like it is. You don’t involve them in matters of public interest and expect them to be frivolous. We grew up looking up to them for guidance and wisdom that is why they are respected and revered.

Secondly, early in my career in the Civil Service I was taught about Processes, Rules and Regulations by our seniors. They mentors us in order to bring the best out us to be a good public officer. They represent everything but dishonesty. They were feared because they were incorruptible and fearless. This gave them leverage not to be afraid to speak the truth once Rules and Regulations are not followed.

I remember the likes of Gujubawu, Sabo Potiskum, Adamu Fika, Mohammed Umar the Joda’s and many more who could stand up to those in higher authority and tell them the truth once Procedures, Rules and Regulations in the conduct of public affairs were broken or on its way to be floated.

They were Ministers, Secretary to the Governments, Head of Service, Permanent Secretaries, Commissioners, Chairmen of Boards of Parastatals of those days. How many of their types are there in the system today? This is the background from where I am coming.

Today the society has become morally decadent, dishonest and corrupt, both in conduct and actions. The fear of speaking the truth has eroded our morale campus. It has reached the level of anomie. It has become our draw back as a society and a nation.

if you speak the truth you are labelled as uncounched, undiplomatic or disrespectful, impatient, young or too much in a hurry, enemy of the state number one, you must be dealt with, this is the fallacy of our time.

Counters views and opinions are not welcomed. No serious person now offer advice on some observed disconnect going on in the society. Men of integrity no longer want to occupy public office or partake in politics. The whole system is now only good for the bad, ugly, boot leakers, kleptomaniacs and praise singers.

His Royal Highness Sunusi Lamido Sunusi II became a victim of this social and political milieu, He is among the few remaining standing, who have refused to be cajoled and gagged in to adopting the culture of silence “sit down and look”.

Might be he does not understand this, but with his level of exposure, sophistication, and education, I doubt it if my assumption could be true. He is just one person who likes telling the truth by calling a spade a spade.

HRH does not just give talk for the sake of just talking. He is an accomplished person, who excelled in his chosen career. He was the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He is current Emir of Kano, all these roles carry with them the responsibilities to speak the truth and intelligently.

He knows why people invite him to give talks and what they expect to hear from him at seminars and during occasions. They do so because they want to hear the truth and the truth is what they would get from him.

I have never met HRH in real life, but I try to read his mind. Why would he in spite all his life experiences, from his questionable removable as CBN governor, the first attempt by Ganduje and his cohorts to remove him from office, the historical deposition of his grandfather as the emir Kano, still continue to speak the truth and confront the power that is, knowing fully well truth is what they don’t want to hear.

HRH also knows his ascension to the exalted throne of the Emir of Kano, seems distant and “an uphill task”, if one knows the history of Kano and yet God made it easy for him.

As someone who is religiously grounded in Islamic knowledge and Sharia. An intellectual who has transverse the globe giving talks, he can not afford to be frivolous while presenting papers to his audience. People look up to him for quality presentation. His background doesn’t give him the excuse of presenting watery paper, just because he is afraid of annoying the “powers that be”

Ganduje who is a wounded lion, caught on tape collecting bribe doesn’t have the moral capacity to stand up to HRH’s influence in Kano if not for the opportunity of political authority.

A thief who was caught on tape collecting kick backs has no moral justification to do what he is doing. In a civilized society would have been in the gulag continuing with his sleep disorder, but for the lacuna in the constitution that gave immunity of arrest to the holders of the Executive branch.

What is then the grouse of Ganduje against HRH? The answer to these are multi dimensional. The first being the scathing judgement HRH passed on the $1.8 billion loan package for the laying of light rail in Kano, Ganduje, was trying to secure from China EXIM Bank. Only God knows how many more Dollars he would added to his kitty in the light of his in satiable greed for the green bucks.

HRH in a speech at the Kaduna investment summit tongue-lashed the idea behind the reason for the loan. He said, “At the end of the day, what do you benefit from it? (Meaning the loan) when your citizen will ride on a train and when you ride on a train, in northern Nigeria, in a state like Kano or Katsina, where are you going to? You are not going to an industrial estate to work. You are not going to school? You are not going to the farm. You borrow money from China to invest in trains so that your citizens can ride on them and go for weddings and naming ceremonies,”

Ganduje did not forgive HRH for truncating the mega proceeds accruing from the rail project. To take his pounds of flesh,he ordered the Kano Public Complaints Anticorruption Commission to go after the emirate council’s finances, it was clear to all, that the governor had risen to axe Mr Sanusi.

While the probe was on, the government ordered its halt citing intervention by prominent Nigerians and reconciliation between the governor and the emir.
Secondly, HRH was said to have passed some harsh verdict on Mr Buhari’s economic policies as it relates to foreign exchange, alleging at one point that the government was breeding corruption.

Thirdly, what broke the camels back was what HRH, said in the build-up to the 2019 polls, in what many interpreted as an indirect de-campaigning of Mr Buhari, the emir charged electorates to go after competent candidates, arguing that those who have only integrity as their selling point should not be trusted with public office.

The assumption is that if leader runs on integrity alone, that integrity only benefits the leader and serves only him alone. But if you chose a leader with capacity he would able to deliver. And the benefit permeates throughout the society.

Ganduje who was enmeshed in his own corruption saga, and preparing for his second term bid saw a window to hit at HRH in order to increase his chances and divert attention from the petition before the tribunal bordering on issues arising from the 2019 gubernatorial election in Kano.

He also used the opportunity to rebuild his lost image with the Presidency, by showing as if he is fighting the fight for the President “brilliant” you would say!

To understand the context of what is going on in Kano, one needs to ask the What, Who, When, Where, Why and How. Before accusing HRH of choosing the wrong channel to speak.

The what and who in the matter are so clear, we therefore do not have to labour ourselves trying to explain.

The when and the where refers to the time and place the statements were made.

In the case of the Chinese Loan, HRH made those observation at the Kaduna investment summit. From the theme of the summit what HRH said was in tandem with goals and objective of the summit.

The second statement occurred in the build-up to the 2019 polls, when Mr Sanusi addressed a sermon in what many interpreted as an indirect de-campaigning of Mr Buhari and Ganduje, the emir charged electorates to go after competent candidates, arguing that those who have only integrity as their selling point should not be trusted with public office.

Every Muslim knows speaking from the pulpit on Friday is a practice of the Messenger of Allah swt when he decides to address his people on issues of concern to society.

Here again what HRH did was in tandem with sunnah of the prophet (SA). This tradition is still kept by the Imams and they speak fearlessly.

The next issue is the why and how? HRH, an astute administrator and a leader knows when and how to speak to his community for effective empathy.

The How is the method and the vehicle to pass on those messages.

Human communication over time has undergone great transformation, from the gong, the bush fire, drawings on stones, the advent of paper, radio, television, internet and social media.

The old method of communication from “one to many” is know being challenged by from “one to one”. Nothing under the Sun can now be hidden like before. That is why governments all over world are trying to whittle the power of the social media.

To assume that HRH was wrong in speaking to the “power that be” by using a wrong channels is just like deliberately refusing to accept the realities of our times. This is given the fact that governments now does not listen to honest advice. They treat those who give them with suspicions, and disdain, even if those advices were given in secret.

Leakages and deliberate manipulations of such advices has forced many including the whistle blowers, shying away from engaging with authorities.

Those faulting HRH for speaking at seminars, on the pulpit during Friday sermons are just doing so out of mischief. They are boot leakers, the praise singers the job seekers, the bad and the ugly, this society can do without.

This country does not need the Paul Kigame, the Ruwandan President, to tell us the truth. We have men and women of good conscience who have been doing that, but were not appreciated.

What Kigame said at the Democracy Day lecture was not different from what the Sunusi, El Rufai, Soyinka, Obasanjo, Naja’atu, Danjumma were telling us.

How many of them could have said what Kigame told us, without being accused of one thing or the other. They would have been called with some un printable names, branded as anti establishment. The whole matter would have been reduced to partisanship, religion, the north vs the south, and yet the cream of the society, that were there applauded the scathing rebuke we were subjected to.

When I wrote in my previous article “the culture of silence” many felt it was a joke. The truth is gradually emerging.

They can succeed in removing HRH from office and whittle his influence by breaking the Emirate into pieces. They can also force us to look the other way. But what they can not succeed in doing is to break the resolve of his HRH from speaking the truth.

It may be Sunusi today, tomorrow it could be the Caliphate, the Elkanemi, the Zazzau, the Lamido, the Nupe, the Tor Tivs, these are remaining institutions that represent the Northern Hegemony.
We must not allow “them” to destroy our remaining cultural legacies as a people.

I call on all northern leaders, people of good conscience, and our friends in other part of the country who can prevail on Ganduje to talk him out of this diabolical, madness and game plan that serves no one. It would only end in dividing rather then uniting us.

We must not simply keep quite because we are not involved or afraid of losing our positions.

I am not against the rule of law, but where things are done to settle personal scores, people of good conscience must act to subvert impunity.

More especially, when the person in the vanguard for the enforcement of the rule of law has his hand soiled in the muddy waters.

To Ganduje I want him ponder on this. You may succeed in removing Sunusi from office but you can not change his history.

Look around you, kwankwaso, whom you rode on his back to become what you are today, spent eight years in the same office as governor you are arrogantly holding to. You were there as his deputy remember?

Today he is no body compared to you only because of the advantage of instrumentality of power, which gives you access.

Four years is not a long period in human life, it will come to pass. And you will discover you are nobody. The money you stole can not buy you respect.

You can never be Sunusi even if you depose him as the Emir. You can not remove the royal blue blood in him. He will always be referred to as a prince, even if depose him as Emir. Don’t forget you are a no body and will remain so.

The power you are holding to is transient, the moment it eludes you, when you turn round there will be no body behind you, those that are misleading you, will speedily desert you as they came. A word is enough for the wise.

To HRH we urge you to continue speaking the truth, continue believing in Allah swt. if what the conspiracy theorist are planning is your destiny no one in this world can stop or change it for you. You know this perhaps better than I do? Let me end this discourse by borrowing from the American slang “ what is going to be is going to be”

In God we trust, “cry not Your Royal Highness.


Since I wrote the inconvenient truth (1). I have been contemplating whether to proceed with second part of the write up. I have been juggling the idea in my thought processes until when Governor Ganduje, suddenly decided to vulcanise the Kano Emirate council into five.

Ordinarily, the creation of additional emirates shouldn’t be a problem but for the diabolical motives behind the actions of the governor aimed at whittling the influence of His Royal Highness Sanusi Lamido Sunusi II

Ganduje, has since denied the insinuations that he was being vindictive, the lame reasons he gave for his action is far from the truth.
The crime of HRH SLS ll is he spoke the truth and truth is what the politicians don’t want to hear.

But before we look in to the merits or demerits of the Ganduje’s action, let us go back to the prepositions in our initial article “ The inconvenient truth (1)”.
We had in that article shown how the creation of states have failed to solve the problems of minorities.

The people who once shared cultural linkages, speak the same language and have lived together harmoniously for centuries were arbitrary dichotomised by the fiat of a Military decree.

The hegemony that existed was broken, the hither to peacefully loving people became arch enemies. The domination of the majority tribe continued while the misery of the minorities were exacerbated each time additional states were created. The whole process became “ Spencer’s World”. A good intention producing a bad result.

To say that we are not better off under the Regional Government is an understatement. The more the merrier.

History has shown how the Military realised so early the mistakes they committed in the creation of states. General Gowon, in his defence of state creation said, “ the political situation at that time was very difficult. “There was fears of the country breaking up, fears of domination by the majority”.

The creation of 12 States by the Gowon administration was the most genuine effort to address the issues arising from civil war. Subsequent attempts by other Military Juntas were purely political and self serving.

General Babangida was the Military leader who created the Six (6) geopolitical zones for whatever reasons he did this, is still un explained, as he to was an actor in the state creation. Hopefully one day he will give the reason in his memoire.

We have also learnt from good authority that former Nigerian Vice President, Late Dr Alex Ekweme constructed and nurtured the idea for the restructuring of Nigeria in to six geopolitical zone.

In an interview he granted to staff of the Saturday Vanguard, Onochie Anibeze, Emmanuel Aziken and Emeka Mamah in 2016 on the occasion of Nigeria’s Independence anniversary just before his 84th birthday, he gave an insight into the processes that led to the clamour for restructuring and how it came about.

They asked him whether the six geopolitical zones was his idea alone?
He said, the only person who contributed to the idea was his friend, Bisi Onabanjo. According to report the duo discussed the subject matter when they were in prison.

The 2005 Constitutional Conference, provided for him the opportunity to get official rubber stamp for the idea. Even though his effort to convince the conference to adopted the six geopolitical zones failed. He however succeeded in getting the support of the then Military Head of state late General Sani Abacha.

A development that for the first time divided the One North philosophy which the Southern intellectual and politicians thought would break the hegemony of the feudal Northern champions and the hold the North has over the polity.

Before then, political transactions in the country had been conducted on the basis of North, South, East, and West in which the North prevailed over the polity on account of its numerical supremacy.

The rationale that the six geopolitical zones would resolve the problems of the minority, was not the intrinsic reason for the call for restructuring. The unspoken reason for doing this was to whittle the numerical advantage the North has over the other regions.

The diabolical under belly of the movers agitating for the creation six geopolitical zones was exposed, when the hidden agenda of the group aimed at creating a regional parity between the regions became manifest.

The persuasive reasoning the advocates put forward to convince their audience was not different from that of the military when the states were created.

They expounded the theory that within each region, there are majority and minority group.

In the West, the Yoruba were the majority group, and the minority group were grouped together in what became the Midwest.

In the East, the Igbo were the majority and the minority group called themselves the COR State – Calabar, Ogoja, Rivers.

In the North, Hausa Fulani were the majority group and the minority were mostly the Middle Belt and to some extent, the Kanuri.

So, you had a struggle within each region between the majority and the minority. To cure these problems, they opined there must be parity of regions, that is between the Old North and the Old South. It was on this assumption the geopolitical zones were conceived and manifested.

The North was divided into Northwest, Northeast and North-Central and the South was divided into Southeast, Southwest, and South-South.

The protagonist for the six geopolitical zones further argued that by having six zones you would have three majority regions as well as three minority regions comprising of the following, majority regions being the Northwest, mostly Hausa-Fulani. Southwest, mostly Yoruba and the Southeast , mostly Igbo.

The minority regions being Northeast where you have the Kanuri with a number of ethnic groups in Bauchi, Gombe, Adamawa and Taraba; and in the North Central you have Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa, Kogi, Kwara, Niger; and in the South you have the minorities in the former Midwestern Region and the minority of the Southeast region who together formed the South-South.

To them therefore instead of three regions, you now have six regions; three majority, three minority; three in the North, three in the South.

The arithmetic representation advanced by the proponent of the six geopolitical zones as a panacea for addressing issues of minority in Nigeria was over simplified by the group.

The whole concept was deceptive, it lacks deep thought and broader understanding of the historical issues the state creation has generated among the minority tribes they are trying to protect.

Nigeria is a country populated by over 250 linguistic groups, to dichotomise the country in to three majority and three minority regions and to assume it will solve the problems of the minorities is laughable and nonsensical.

The real reasons behind the restructuring is the appreciation of the fact that numbers in democracy determine who gets what.

The movers of the geopolitical zones have identified the numerical strength of the North, is not in their best political interest. When it comes to issues of political leadership and how politics could be played in Nigeria.

The fear that if the old status quo is maintained the North will always come together and dominate the polity. This became a matter of concern to the likes of late Ekweme and his cohorts.

They know the North with its numerical strength in a representative democracy will continue to provide leadership and must have a say in how the country can be governed. They tried succession which failed, and for them to deal with the Northern hegemony they have to find a way to whittle the Northern grip on power.

The narratives that arose from the creation of states have shown how communities that were hither to living together peacefully, can through some political manipulations be put against each other and become irreconcilable enemies.

They also realised how religion and tribal differences between the people in the North can be manipulated to disfranchise the community to their advantage.

Take for example the North Eastl Region, where I come from, since vulcanisation of the North Eastern state, the states that were created out of the region no longer share anything in common.

The acrimonious relationship that developed after the creation of Borno, Bauchi, Adamawa and later with the addition of Taraba, Yobe and Gombe is still with us to date. The enmity is phenomenal that we behave as if we never lived together as a people who shared common linkages, culture and religion.

Today there is no single entity that is jointly owned by the former North Eastern States as a legacy. This is the state those who wanted to destroy our hegemony wished us to be.

Of the six geopolitical groupings. only the South West can come out of arrangements with a greater advantage by emerging monolithic. And perhaps this is reason the Ekweame group and the south western agitators for restructuring have for first have found common ground on which they can do business together.

The South Western intellectual knew fully well if the six geopolitical structure is smuggled into the constitution they stand to gain more because their zone having one dominant linguistic group will emerge more stronger. They would have the advantage of having a blog vote in the contrived arrangement a situation they are denying the North.

The Ekweme, South East having lost the major chunk of the revenue accruing from oil, realised the numerical strength of the Ibos does not translate to any advantage as no Ibo state produces oil. That is why the Kanu group are calling for the re -Biafarization of the Region or out right secession.

The other card being played is religion. By extracting the North Central from the core North. The assumptions were that religion and tribalism will play a significant role in whittling the unity of the North. The intention was to create divisions as result of which it can exploited by South East and the South West when it comes to who becomes the leader of the country.

This game plan played out in the 2019 Presidential election and it became a welcome litmus test for the geopolitical purveyors.

I recall when the former Governor of Kano State, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwakwaso, in Benin when he addressed PDP delegates and members during his nationwide tour, he asked the delegates to pick “its presidential candidate from the North West”. He said the North West must produce the next President of Nigeria because they have the highest number of registered voters.

The result of the 2019 Presidential election supported this argument. The think tank of President Buhari campaign team, were aware of the betrayal of the Yoruba group in the 2015 Presidential election where former President Good luck Jonathan went head to head interns of votes received from the south west in spite of the merger of the ACN and the APC .

This time around the handlers of the Buhari campaign did not rely so much on the south west to provide them with required number of votes to counter the South East who are likely blog voting the opposition party.

Kano, Jigawa, Sokoto, Zamfara Kebbi and Kaduna voted massively for the President in spite of the decimal performance of the President in his home zone.

The assumption that kidnapping and killings in the zone would affect the President chances did not happen.
The game plan worked out as the South West maintained their voting pattern.

The degrading of the activities of the Boko Harm in the North East also helped the President in spite of the fact that the opposition flag bearer came from the zone. I don’t intend to comment on other intervening variables for the Presidents high votes in the North East and North West because the subject matter is under ligation.

With the benefit of hindsight, where does this place the people coming from the minority zones of the North East and North Central?

The same permutations also applies to the other Southern clustered minority zones under the six geopolitical arrangement? (To be continued in “ The Inconvenient Truth 3).


It takes just a quick glance, maybe three seconds, for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time. In this short time, the other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanour, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed,

With every new encounter, you are evaluated and yet another person’s impression of you is formed. These first impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo, and they often set the tone for the relationship that follows

Just like in the case of human impression nations state also create impression in the minds of their first time visitor, through their national icons that give one the idea whether things are working in a country.

Life is all about the first impression you create for your self or the entity that represent you.

The first impression begins with what a visitor sees on arrival at the gateways of a country. It tells you about how organized or unorganized a country is. It creates a permanent impression that determines your future relationships.

The welcome you receive at the airports, the working infrastructures that facilitate seamless transfer of luggage, and ease of locating utilities, contributes to impression forming by a first time visitor to a country.

A Capital City is the municipality exercising primary status in a country, state, province, or other administrative region, usually as its seat of government.

A capital is typically a city that physically encompasses the government’s offices and meeting places; the status as capital is often designated by its law or constitution.

Capital cities also serve as the prime economic, population, cultural, or intellectual centres of a nation. The totality of all these helps in how one forms an impression about a country.

Abuja is Africa’s first planned city designed by International Planning Associates, a consortium of three American firms. The city was initially designed to accommodate 3.5 million people. But it now accommodates more than six million residents.

The initial master plan of the city was distorted. The once bourgeoning capital is now crying asking what really went wrong?

The once pothole less beautiful roads that transcends the various districts are now ghost of themselves.

The gardens that were once used for recreational activities and places of reflections for residents, when they are tired with the confines of their homes has given way to beer parlours, fish, amala and pepper soup joints.

On weekends when residents needed the parks most to relax, and take in some fresh air, the parks are converted into prayer grounds for the rich who could afford to pay the rents.

The drainages on the main roads that facilitates transfer of water to the main canals have all there safety covers removed. The gapping hole now constitute a serious hazards to the pedestrians walking on the streets. God knows how many resident and visitors to the city who have suffered broken limbs as a result of this avoidable hazards.

In spite of all this we still commend the efforts of the Honourable Minister FCT, for trying to complete most of the abandon road projects under the master plan.

One other disturbing phenomenon that is becoming a source concern to the residents are the filling of heaps of refuse and over grown weeds that deface and pollute the serene air of the capital city is becoming worrisome.

The Minister must also take personal interest in the manner the contractors handling the road markings in the city.
Apart from the substandard paints the contractors are using for the road markings which last for few days, the jobs are being badly executed.
The Minister must know the road markings, Instead of making life a little more easier for the motorist it creates more confusion as a result of multiple markings.

The intention of making driving less cumbersome especially in nights is lost in the confusion by the shady job.
This effort alone if done properly, could have taken the stress off the motorist, as it may replace the total near collapse of the security lights and road signs through out the cities.

Abuja which is suppose to be bubbling with mesmerising and dazzling displays of light, becomes a glorified big village in the night. You often need the “google map drive” to navigate your way around the city in the night.

The Abuja Power Company AEDC have since abdicated on its social responsibility to the residents by choosing to provide power to the premier city only to those who have ability to pay.

It’s supply of electricity is now determined by your location. Residents are deprived of power not because power is not available, at least according to Minister of power, who said some states are now experiencing 24hrs of supply with other cities getting between 10- 17hrs. This cannot be to true unless if the Minister is living in a separate world.

AEDC now supply power based on return on investment. If you fall within the district area their revenue generation is below return on investment, they yank your area off the system and put you in perpetual darkness for days. They don’t even care to reach out and inform their consumers the reasons for the black out. One wonders if the company has no “Servicom” department to teach their staff on the basic requirements how to treat customer.

When residents call their emergency lines to report lack of power, AEDC always hastily promise to call back a promise it will never keep.

The distribution of power in Abuja is now based on the “have and have nots” The society is segregated into those who have the ability to pay and those that can not pay.

The strategy adopted here is, give power to those areas that have the ability to pay and play around with areas with less revenue yield.

I live in Kado Kuchi and we hardly have lights for 24hrs without interruption. Most times we remain without light for up wards of 72hrs in week. AEDC’s only excuse was they have faults on the line and this has been going on for over two years and no one cared to rectify.

The residents after so much agony decided to find the real reasons only to discover they are being punished. The explanation was there are some few unstructured settlements within the district operating without meters. The distribution company in retaliation always divert power meant for the district to other parts of the city that can pay.
Power is national resource that all citizens must have unfettered access. We must not be discriminated in the sharing of our national resource built with tax payer’s money.

I do not support consumers not paying for electricity they consume. Individuals can be punished if they fail to settle their bills but for the Commercial Manager to put profit above all other considerations by cutting supply to innocent consumers who are up to date in the payments of their bills is pathetic and unacceptable.

To cut the supply of a whole district arbitrarily is draconian, undemocratic and against natural justice. Profit should not be the major guiding principles in the provision of this vital national resource.

I am sure the intention of the privatisation of power supply in the country was not meant to punish or discriminate but to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the system.

We therefore call the electricity regulatory council to correct this unwholesome attitude of the Abuja power distribution company .

We equally invite the Consumer Protection Agency to investigate the matter and protect the citizens from the shylock companies that were handed over our national assets to stop treating us with contempt and disdain .

National Capitals are symbols that represent the best a country can offer, it speaks volumes and creates huge impression about a country.

If the goal of government is to attract investors, the sorry state of our power supply and infrastructure does not give confidence to any serious investor, more especially in a situation where even the capital city is not shielded from the darkness.

I remember in those days when government had to use big generators to provide the city with light 24/12 in order to create a positive impression for the nation.

As precursor to this most state governments copied this approach by adopting the use of solar panels to at least provide their state capital cities with lights. The purpose of doing these are to show how important the capital cities are, be it for the state or national, and how strategic they are in the life of a country.

As nation we must have national priorities. There are things that are not negotiable.They ought to be there to promote our national esteem and pride.

We must not allow our in capacities to block our thinking to do the most elementary things other smaller nations have achieved. We have the good people and resources to make this nation great.

No one will take us seriously as a people unless we change our attitudes and the way do things.

May I also appeal to Mr President to be circumspect in who makes it to the list of his next cabinet. Ability rather then cronyism, political, cultural and subterranean considerations should determine who becomes a Minister for him to achieve “the next level”

The President must not also allow himself to be pushed into doing things hastily. The bottom line is, whether these names come early or later He will still be blamed because the buck ends on his table.


Now that the dust of the 2019 general elections seems to be settling down and matters arising that led to the inconclusiveness of some of the elections are being concluded.
The victors are partying while the aggrieved are heading to the tribunals to seek for the redress they may not likely get, just like during the elections “MONEY” and “POWER” will still remain the determinant factor.

This not withstanding, I now feel its a proper time to come out from the self imposed sabbatical and begin to comment on public affairs again. Hoping that the society is now ready to rationally absorb matters of National concern away from the prism of partisanship.

I wrote in my last piece on this blog, captioned “THE FINAL LAP” some few weeks before the elections, that the whole process would produce nothing meaningful and truly there was no change.

In furthering my discourse about the Nigerian situations. I would like caption this piece “the in convenient truth (1)” reflecting on my sojourn as a journalist, a civil servant viz-viz the political developments in Nigeria.

When I joined the Civil Service in the mid seventies. I was always mesmerised listening to my seniors reminiscing nostalgically over the period they were in the service of the defunct government of the Northern Region.
Their discussions centred on the good times they had, while on posting in stations such as Kabba, Ilorin, Kaduna Sokoto, Birnin Gwari, lokoja, Gusau,Adamawa, Gembu, Katsina Ala etc.

They speak about the family and friends they left behind. They relish the communality, unity and the hegemony the regional government provided to them. They talk about how the system worked. Not the cupidity, nonsense and nepotism we experience today.
I was always green with envy and amazed by the sense of loss they displayed each time their discussions took them down the memory lane.

I use to wonder why would they be feeling so bad, now that government has been brought to their door steps, courtesy the creation of states by the Military leader General Yakubu Gowon.
Little did I know, I too would be caught in similar nostalgic frenzies. When I look back to the period I spent in the service of the defunct North East Government.

As some one who comes from a minority tribe, life was better, more purposeful, meaningful and forward looking. We had our wishes and dreams for a better Nigeria. A Nigerian dream we are still chasing after 56years of independence.

In those days our relationships were not defined by which tribe or religion you come from or belong to, rather, we see ourselves as a people who share common historical and ancestral background. We inter marry, share common names, dress and eat the same food. It was arguably the most peaceful and interesting part of my career.

The North East Government represented what may be the aspiration of what General Gowon wanted “Nigeria to be”
When the union existed, the bonding, the shared hegemony, historical values and communality of purpose was phenomenal until when the military juntas that came after the Gowon’s government, bastardise and politicised the creation of states.

As the vulcanisation of the country continued by the Military, from the 12 state structure to 19,21 and 36 federating units. The process only succeeded in creating “Development Centres”. It failed to address the issues of minorities. In fact it created more minorities then envisage by the founding fathers of state creation.

The process polarised and further divided the people to the extent that it eroded their ancestral linages.
If the fundamental reason for the state creation was to address fears of minorities one can with benefit hindsight say the efforts ended in creating more minorities.

The hegemony that kept the society together was lost. It rather created a more acrimonious and heterogeneous society, disfranchised and debased. The society no longer feel, they are one people who shared common history, belonging to one nation sharing common geographical space called “Nigeria”.

Several years after the creation of states, Nigerians still feel the Nigerian nation is a contraption of an unholy alliances created by colonialism to serve its own purpose.

The agitations by some section of the Nigerian society for the restructuring of the country, the out right call for secession by IPOB amplifies the state of our fragile unity.

The underlying reasons why the separation failed, can be attributed to the lack of guidance by the central government. The Older states took advantage of the lacuna and short changed the Newer states in process of asset sharing.

It created a hydra headed demon that till today, has kept the once peaceful loving people separated for ever.

The process created serious dichotomy between the people who once shared common history and culture who now became irreconcilable arch enemies.

Recently in depending his decision for the state creation, General Gowon in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, while commissioning the newly built Bayelsa State Government House, echoed that he was “delighted to create those states…years ago.

According to him the political situation at that time was very difficult.
“There was fears of the country breaking up, fears of domination of the minority and the question was, what were we going to do in order to remove this fear causing problems in Nigeria?
“Fears of being dominated by majority ethnic groups? The creation of states was to solve these fears.”

My expectation is that the General with the benefit of hindsight ought to be procrastinating, why in the first place he created those states in the light of what state creation has failed to achieve.

For me the creation of the six geo political zones apart from it later political and subterranean undertones, may be the subtle recognition by the Military that their attempt to solve the problems of the minorities has failed.

The creation of the six geo political zones essentially, was therefore a revisionist approach towards unwinding the significance of the state system. We shall examine this in the next piece of the “Inconvenient Truth (2)”


Thank God it will soon be all over a week from now. The catchy jingles, the swearing, the manoeuvrings, the lies, the hate campaigns, the venom that characterise the 2019 political campaigns will go down in to the annals of our political history as one of the most vitriolic.

Just like it started it may not produce the desired leaders we envisaged, but the recycling of elites, failed promises and the continued immiseration of the poor.

The rich will re group and plan how they are going to continue sharing our common wealth, life goes on as usual.

The free lunch, the stipend dished out as transport allowances to move people from one campaign rallies to another will stop coming.

The gates of the fortresses of the super rich that were wide open during the elections will shut, living behind stern looking gendarmes, buzu’s, local security personnel with their thick moustaches and red eyes barricading the entrances of the houses of the political mentors, signalling the party is all over.

Soon also the conviviality that developed with those in Executive position will be lost. As they retreat to their guarded sanctuaries in the Presidential Palaces and State Government houses to take their much deserved rest from the one month of gallivanting the length and breath of our great country.

The telephone and mobile phone numbers that were exchanged during the campaigns will either removed, changed or switched off permanently. The appeal for votes will end and the partying begins.
Soon for many who have sold their conscience for pittance, blind following coloured by religion, ethnic, sectional, god fatherism and subterranean considerations the reality of hunger, mass poverty insecurity, nepotism, and miss governance will now confront them as sudden as they lost their rights to have a say on their destinies.

The youth brigades, the Ecomog the Sara Suka, etc, children of the under privilege that were introduced to the use of illicit drugs, will turn on the society to cause havoc, when their sources of funds for the purchase the drugs dries.

Some of them may never recover from the crave of the drugs, they will go under to swell the ranks of the under world criminals.

Some may be forced or recruited by the insurgents, as they readily become their sources of funds to satisfy their in satiable need for the drugs that would keep them going.

These are some of the ugly aftermath of the way we conduct politics.

Conversely. the children of the super rich and the politicians we blindly supported would return to their campuses at Oxford, Harvard and other high brow universities spread across the western world.

The real losers in all these is the Nigeria State and the Nigerian People. Another cycle of short changing us will begin.

The promises that were made during the campaigns will remain unfulfilled. Both the losers and the winners of the elections would come together to find a common ground on how to continue improving their bank balances. While they smile on their ways to the banks, the generality of the Nigerian public would burry their faces in shame questioning providence and blaming God for their collective failures.

The cycle of lamentations, frustrations and clinging on to destiny as the cause for our misery would begin, something which we had the opportunity to avert and change.

My dear brothers we still have a week within which to look closely and separate the shafts from weeds. We must not allow sentiments of whatever colouration deter us from being on the path of the truth and honour. We know what the politicians are capable of doing.

This country has gone to cliffs before. God has always been their for us, how much more He would be their for us is absolutely not for us to decide or chose. The choice we have control over is the opportunity granted to us by liberal democracy. The right to change our leaders every four years. How well we utilise our franchise is the key.

The soap box drama will soon come to an end, it also goes with our aspirations for the next four years and may be even beyond.

The future is now in our hands to decide. Whatever needs to be said has been said, from the wise counselling of our elders, the clergy, the media, the intellectuals, the political analyst and the stupid rhetoric dished out from soap box, it is now up to us to think, make sense out of it and vote wisely.

I wish you peaceful and safe election.
Long live the Federal Relublic of Nigeria.


Since my last piece on the 17th of January 2019. I thought it would be my last until the elections were over. This is because of my believe in the Nigerian project transcends beyond the love for any one person. Surprisingly, however the “Nigerian people are not just getting it”.

My disappointments were in the manner, politicians, elites and the Nigerian public look at public issues not beyond their personal idiosyncrasies.

Matters of national concerns are treated with naivety and pettiness all in the name of partisanship, tribal cleavages, religious or subterranean considerations.

To borrow the words of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 American elections when things became so incomprehensible she referred to some followers of Trump as “basket of deplorable”

Here at home Aisha Yusuf, the Co-convener of the BringBackOurGirls, BBOG, advocacy group in venting her frustrations with attitude of the “Hon. Minister of Power Fashola, she described him as one of the leaders who has depreciated since he got appointed into Buhari’s administration”.

She explained that; “Some leaders build people around them. Others depreciate people around them.” Are the Nigerian people depreciated under the Buhari administration?

Have we all been compromised? Have we all lost our thinking caps and rationality? Has our nationalist and patriotic zeal deserted us? Have we all been Zombied as popularised by Late musician Fela? These are some of the questions begging for answers.

Here we are some few days to the Presidential election, yet confused as ever. The muddy political waters we are navigating is getting darker by the day. Nigeria is at the precipice. No one knows for sure where we are heading to. What is certain however the elections might hold, whether or not it will meet international best standard is a subject for another debate.

In trying to understand what is going on in the political space, it may be instructive to review the actions of the political actors and gladiators since INEC lifted the ban on political campaign on November 18th 2018.

The general expectations of every Nigerian and our friends in the international community are that the country would build on the successes recorded in the past elections, but alas the whole exercise seems to heading for a collusion course.

The Nigerians people expected the process would be lively full of issues and pleasing anecdotes.
I am sure many are missing the good jokes of the former first lady Mrs Jonathan. We were mesmerised by the grammatical lexicon she developed while it lasted.

The vibrancy, the good commentaries in both the social and mainstream media provided good readings. It also added drama to the whole electoral process.

The tolerance and civility of the Jonathan administration also provided good opportunities for the citizens to engage and make meaningful contributions.

Equally, the general expectations for the 2019 elections were, it would provide a more conducive environment for politicking more especially when the President and the government are saying they are operating on “high moral ground”

Unfortunately, the reverse is the case. The political space became replete with a lot of venom, hate speeches, mudslinging, threats, selective punishments, and deliberate disinformation aimed diverting voters attentions from the real issues that ought to dominate the campaign messages.

The choices presented to the Nigerian people at the beginning of the campaigns by the dormant political parties were swept under the carpet or evaporated all together.

No one hears anything about the “Moving Nigeria to the next level” anymore, all we hear and see are four fingers representing the wasted four years and the additional four years they are asking the Nigeria people to grant them to squander again.

The government in trying to cover its short comings and under performance, wittingly re directing the campaign strategies to “tit for tat” propaganda technique. It did so by hammering on any unimaginable issues they feel would appeal to their base, thereby forcing the opposition to derail from its “Lets get Nigeria Working Again”

The President refusal to attend the presidential debate afters his disastrous outing at the town hall meeting watched nation wide sent some jitters in the minds of his handlers thereby prompting them to shield him away from the Presidential debate in order to avert another national disgrace.

In a civilised society the President performance during the town hall meeting should have sent the message to APC to start shopping for a new Presidential candidate.

The suspension of the country’s CJN some few weeks to the election on the premise that the President was advised by the CCT was another attempt to overheat the polity, knowing fully well the order was in contradiction with the provisions of the 1999 constitution as amended.

The President and his handlers knew their action would divert attention of Nigerians from the real issues the campaign ought to address.

Other major issues that are worrying and causing the President’s handlers sleepless nights were the lies they told the Nigerian people that the opposition presidential candidate would be arrested for money laundering once he sets his foot on the American soil. This has since become history.

The Amina saga, the INEC commissioner whom the coalition of political parties kicked against her involvement in the collation of electoral results because of her affinity to the President now reversed by INEC was also very unsettling to the presidency.

The resurgence of Boko Haram activities in the North East, where the government claimed it has won the war is another big worry. The relative peace upon which government is using to appeal to the sentiments of the citizens is being eroded gradually.

The President talked about his successes in containing the insecurity in the country in his campaign speech at Kano. He even ask the crowed to check with their brothers in the North East to confirm.

But what President did not ask his brethren in the North West to confirm is the rising killings and kidnappings in Zamfara now spreading to Katsina and some parts of sokoto and kebbi states the geo political region of the President.

On the whole the President knew the security situation in the country is not abating and the oppositions are cashing on the governments failure in winning public opinions.

The health issues of the President which hither to has been managed from the public glare, suddenly took the centre stage when the President showed some signs of vulnerability during the town hall meeting and his in comprehension of what is happening in his immediate environment especially during the rallies, at one point he introduced a senatorial candidate as the presidential flag bearer of the APC, he had to be corrected severally before he got it right, these exposed his in ability to continue governance.

The coalition of political parties have since after the town hall meeting gone to court calling for an order for the President to submit himself for medical examination. The coalition also in their prayer to the court demanded for an order to compel INEC to delist the President name from those contesting for election.

The logic behind all this will manifest itself in the future and the handlers of the president are aware of the intentions of CUPP unless of course they want to put the country in another logjam.
I have on this medium argued the 2019 general election would be decided by confidence, capacity and competence not anti corruption.

Events in the recent past has shown that the anti corruption propaganda the government was using as a strategy to destroy the opposition candidate will not fly the kite.

This is because government has shown its soft spot for hobnobbing with the corrupt. This assumption is supported by the statement accredited to the National Chairman of the APC in which he said “when you sin join the APC and you would cleansed”

Again Atiku’s successful journey to America and his performance at the “KADIRA AHMED” town hall meeting during which he addressed all issues regarding how got rich has busted the anti corruption campaign propaganda and evaporated all arguments associated with it.

By his performance in the town hall meeting, the journey to and return from America, the former Vice President has demonstrated confidence, competence, capacity and has purged himself from the corruption issues the government is hanging on his neck.

The President in similar performance during the town hall meeting anchored by the same Kadira Ahmed instead of helping his candidature exposed his vulnerability, in qcompetence and capacity to govern.

In an established democracy and a literate society the disastrous performance of the President in that interview will cost the party the election. The party Should have by now started scampering and shopping for a replacement.

But this is Nigeria, “the Nigerian factor” will always come into play. In spite of the fact, the country has gone through similar conundrum during the Yar’Adua reign, when the Senate had to come to the rescue of the nation by invoking a non constitutional provision coined as “doctrine of necessity” to solve the logjam.

In the case of the CJN the government and its protagonist are saying the CJN ought have resigned in order to save the sanctity of the judiciary this may be desirable, but the contraption should not be used as a means of deliberately diverting attentions from the real issues of hunger, disease, poverty, in security that are suppose to form the narratives of election campaigns.

Nigerian people would grateful if the President in the light of his historical ill health and recent exposure of his demeanour at the town hall meeting and in other events submit himself to proper medical examination to determine his continued suitability to govern.

Our position is base on the fact, the President has in many fora stated he is not obsessed about power and we want believe him. But we also know that “power corrupts, power corrupts absolutely”. We pray the President will choose to be on the side of moral high ground he preaches and do the needful.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


In the next 30 days from today all the mudslinging, the scaremongering and the dirty politics will be decided by the ballot box, as in many elections in the past.

The one before us in my opinion is still between the devil and deep blue sea.

The politicians now in the arena seeking for our franchise throwing jabs at each other have shown to us they have not learnt from our past mistakes.

To me it looks like “business as usual”. They are engaging in the same rhetoric and would return to their dining tables enjoying their spoils at the expense of the masses.

They will be feasting on our common wealth as before laughing on their ways to banks and the board rooms of the companies that control the economic machines that oils the wealth of the nation.

They share common board room in the institutions that control our common wealth. They own the Oil wells, the Banks, the Bureau de Change, the Financial Institutions, the Airlines, the Discos, the Companies that control the input and out put chain in the economy etc.

When they meet in those board rooms they don’t talk about which party they belong, rather they speak as a family and how they would protect their common wealth from the masses whom they promised a lot but knew they are un attainable.

They may not stop at that as they would also take over the Executive, the Judiciary and Legislative arms of government living us the citizens with nothing but lamentations and further Impoverishment.

The scare tactics that characterise the campaign polemics will now shift from their common political enemies to the masses.

The security agencies will now start issuing statements that reads “ it will deal with all individuals, groups or association, who try to break the peace”. “The clergy will appeal for peace and forgiveness”. “The elder state men would call for understanding”. The appeals keeps coming from all directions, but the real truth is, they are all part of the common group that are living fat on us. Non of them really have the masses in their minds.

It is then that we shall belatedly realise that the polemics has turned against us. We chicken out blaming God for our destiny, something we could have controlled ourselves.

The issues of anti corruption will be pushed to back burner. The normal black outs and fuel crises would resume. Kidnappings, herdsmen farmer conflict returns, hyper inflation, the fight against boko haram insurgency would be down graded. Nepotism and leadership arrogance takes over before the next circle of election. Integrity and anti corruption would be the first to go.

Whether you belong to the “lets get Nigeria working again” or “moving Nigeria to the next level” the choice is one and same thing.

We have at least seen from the Vice Presidential debate, there is nothing new but continuation of the status quo.

Let us I forget until something un expectedly happens there may be no Presidential debate because the occupant of the Aso Villa is being protected by his party from partaking in the debate.

For whatever reason they are doing so is up to them and the Nigerian to rationalise.

We must not allow ourselves to be deceived by the anti corruption group because we have now seen their antecedents.

They wine and dine with the filthy and the corrupt and yet they claim integrity. I would like remind you of the popular Hausa proverb that says “Abokin barawo barawone” Which literally translate into “ A thief friend is a thief”

We must not condescend, we must not be taken for granted, we must not allow them to be heading to banks laughing at our immiseration.

We must not allow ourselves to be buried in our shame lamenting how we sacrificed our future for little change, sugar, rice and detergents that lasted only for the period of the elections.

We must remember the process of short changing us will continue to be perfected in the board rooms, the hallow chambers and the council rooms spread across the country.

We must not allow our idiosyncrasies, god fatherism, subtrenain and other political considerations becloud our sense of judgement in deciding where our votes should go.

Our destinies are in our vote, so vote wisely. Its not too late.


When everything else fails, when the centre that bind us together can no longer hold. When everything defies logic and common sense. When our collective social mores is debased. When everyone else tell lies just in order to achieve certain benefits. That society is bound to apocalypse. Sadly, this has become the fallacy bedevilling our leaders today from the small to the mighty.

The show of shame in the national Assembly where Distinguished Senators and Honourable Members of the National Assembly are calling the President a liar, speaks volumes about how things are done in this country.

Before 2015 who would have imagined the President will be treated in this manner by any one, talk less by the Distinguished and Honourable members of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The President must not listen to his praise singers and those who came to his defence on the show of shame at the national assembly. He must not reduce the whole saga to politics. It goes beyond that. He must consider the breach seriously. It shows dissent in the way government business is being conducted.

A friend recently send to me a video clip where the President was saying this; “ I don’t have companies, I don’t attach much to materialism, especially materialism on things that will affect the development of the country, I have a clear conscious, I feel I can face God with confidence”.

In this the President is claiming a high moral ground. He is simply telling us he has no faults. He believes God forbids, if he dies today he would be beyond reproach by his creator.

For me these are some of the things I find disturbing with the President’s attitude. The fact that you think you are clean doesn’t make one a saint. You may be good in one area and found wanting in the others, after all we are human beings.

My concerns about the President statements is rooted in the fact under the President are the good, the bad and ugly appointees, whose actions and in actions have some vicarious effect on the high moral grounds of the President.

I am sure the President has not forgotten that he is the ruler of one God’s own country called Nigeria? A country now given the label of being the poorest capital of the world. A country blessed by God to be great but many of it citizens are dying by the day for lack of security, hunger, diseases and mass poverty. A country where many go to bed without having their last meal for the day because they can not afford it.

Has the President also forgotten that he will stand before God and the Nigerian people to account for his leadership? Claiming a moral high ground in order to achieve certain benefits does not make him a just ruler.

Pious leaders that came before us always prayed to God for continuous guidance and asking for forgiveness and for God to cover their short comings. They never proudly show piousness because they know there is a lot to leadership then integrity.

I hope when the President was making those statement he factored the fact that every Nigerian would be asked by God if he was a just ruler to them.
I am saying this with the realisation of the fact that;
1. Nigeria has been judged the poorest capital of the world and its not doing well in the world ranking of corrupt countries. This means there is prevalence of mass poverty which translates to people going to bed hungry;
2. Recall that during the time of caliphate Umar (RA). He goes around the city of Madina in the night to find out whether there is a single resident of the city who went to bed hungry because he could not afford to cook food for the night. He was concerned because as leader he knows God would call him to account. Can the President purge himself before God why so many Nigerians go to bed on empty stomach?
3. The President took oath and promised he will protect the lives and property of the Nigerian people, can he say this was achieved, in the light of what is going on in Zamfara alone?
4. Power outages, total black outs, high tariff for electricity charged by the Discos, sometimes for power not even supplied and no body cares because the Discos are owned by the influential elites, the rich and powerful in the society;
5. The failure of our national infrastructures such as in educations, roads, health etc.

Today the universities are closed for months and nobody is talking about it, because the children of the rich and the powerful are safely studying in Universities around the world.

The pathetic situations in our health sectors also calls for the reflections of the President more especially when he himself had to travel abroad for medical treatments on many occasions leaving behind the indigent and the poor to contend with the bad facilities in our hospitals;

6. Abuse of due processes and disregard of court orders and selective application of the law also does not give confidence to the citizens. The society has been divided in to the touchable and un touchable,

7. Elites conspiracies against the poor thereby short changing them of the benefits of nationhood;
8. Nepotism, Tribalism and Religion now determines who gets what and who goes where;

9. Unemployment and selective employment only for the children of privileged and powerful abounds;

These are some of the paradoxes of our social reality which the President has sworn to protect, when he presented himself for election to highest office of the land in 2015.

Almost four years down the lane his government has not yet changed our situations but is now asking for four more years in order to “take us to the next level”

I am sure some apologist of the government will take me on this by saying that the President was not the cause of the Nigerian problems. Yes this may be true but how many Nigerians would say they are unhappy with the way the country is being governed?

Leadership is beyond integrity alone you may be the most morally perfect leader this country has ever produced but you may also be the most in effective leader ever to govern the nation.

Consequently, the purpose of leadership is to able to touch and change the lives of the people in the most positive way.
Human beings can be deceived, cajoled and coerced to internalise what they have been fed by the powerful and to believe it as right, because they are limited in capacity to know the truth. But God knows the hidden and the un spoken.

Integrity may be high on the virtues of a leader but is certainly not everything.
Leadership is also about ability, competence, capacity and how effective the leader was in changing the fortunes of the country by making it great.

The world is full of the history of morally upright leaders and how they woefully failed in governance.

To reduce everything to integrity, means we may be missing the point, especially in our circumstances where the four years of integrity succeeded in only producing high level of chaos, poverty, hunger, disease, kidnapping, killings and in security.

It has also reduced the whole campaign for the 2019 to scaremongering, name calling and labelling. If you are not with them you are a thief. The state agencies of anti corruption must therefore swoop on you. If you are with them then you can be invited to a dinner.

Its a pity for the oppositions they have to contend with this un fair environment the state has perfected for its own benefits.

The gullible Nigerian have also fallen victims to the propaganda techniques that portrays the government as the best we could ever have .

The most vilified in all this is Atiku the Waziri of Adamawa who is being punished for being rich. He has been sentenced in the public court as guilty of an offence a normal court of competent jurisdiction has not found him guilty. The law has been turned upside down “You are guilty as charged” it is no longer “You are innocent until proven guilty”

The of lack of issues based political campaign has made the political arena dull, predictive and scary.
This is also exacerbated by the conspiracy of the main stream media in their un equal treatment of the oppositions in the dissemination of political massages.

The major losers in all this is Nigeria and the gullible Nigerian people who have been hoodwinked in to believing the lies dished out to them by the compromised media and the politicians continuously on daily basis as the truth.

This may be the reason behind the uproar at the National Assembly, but it is up to the President to demand to know more from the people he co opted to assist him in running of the affairs of the state, whether they are feeding him with lies or the truth


Some few weeks ago a group of protesters under banner of Forum of Non Governmental Organisations in Nigeria led by its Chairman Comrade Wole Badmus demonstrated and presented a letter containing their grievances on why the US government should not grant visa to Atiku Abubakar the PDP Presidential candidate in the 2019 general election.

In their petitions to the US Ambassador the group alleged that;
Atiku, who is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in next year’s presidential election, was allegedly involved in a bribery scandal for which Senator William Jefferson was tried and jailed for 13 years in 2009.

The group’s convener, Wole Badmus, said: Granting (Atiku’s) visa request will amount to a negation of the Patriot Act which makes the acceptance of foreign corruption proceeds a U.S. money laundering offence.
“It also makes a mockery of the United Nations (UN) Convention Against Corruption enacted in 2003 in which the U.S. played an active role in its enactment and presently ratified by over 40 countries.
“It is also against the spirit of investigative group dedicated to combating foreign corruption by Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) formed in 2003 by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
He added by saying; “granting such request makes a mess of a President Bush Presidential Proclamation 7750 denying U.S. visa to foreign officials involved with corruption, and other supporting legislations by the congress.”

He noted that if the U.S. denied the former vice president its visa for 13 years and now grants it to him in the twilight of his presidential election, it will be tantamount to making a mockery of the UN convention against corruption.
Badmus added that if the U.S. that is seen as a global seat of democracy, rule of law and transparency grants its visa to Atiku, the country would have aided him to score a cheap political goal.

He ended by strongly advising the United States Embassy against granting this request as doing so has the capacity of portraying the great American state as being supportive of illicit transactions and gross abuse of public office for personal aggrandisement.

“This is apart from the tacit and covert electoral gain such can confer him as the general correct perception in our country now is that Atiku is being denied America Visa because of proven cases of money laundering and financial crimes against him.”

He advice the US to, “stay clear of Nigeria’s internal politics”; “No issuance of politically motivated visa to Atiku”; “Senator Jefferson was jailed, Lady Jennifer was jailed, Atiku must also be jailed in the U.S.”; “Nigerians say no to America’s interference in the nation’s politics”; and “Go, Atiku Go to jail in America.”

Ordinarily, the group action may be seen to be patriotic but for their suggestions that granting Atiku visa request would amount to supporting his candidature for the 2019 general election puts the groups efforts to questions. Have they also asked themselves whose chances their actions would promote in the 2019 general elections?

The groups call for Atiku to be taken to jail in America is hateful and this kind of statements should not come from a Non Governmental Organisation such as the one he represents.

It also raises the questions why is the group silent for 13years and why it chooses this period to speak? The group by its action has shown partisanship and has therefore ruled itself from monitoring of the 2019 general by exposing where it belongs. But before we return to that let us consider the following pertinent questions;

Q1. when has the issuance of visa which is a personal matter become an issue to a Non Governmental organisation such as the group under reference?

2. How “a political” the group is in the light of the fact that INEC the agency responsible for conducting election has cleared Atiku to stand for the Presidential Election in 2019?

3. How can the group purge itself from being accused as agent of the opposition masquerading under the banner of the Non Governmental organisation in order to gain the sympathy of the public and promote partisan agenda?

4. Has Atiku been charged or indicted by any of court of competent jurisdiction either in the US or Nigeria for any of the crimes he is being accused of?
5. Why is the group playing the card of the third columnist?

6. How can mare suspicion of commitment of crime become an indictment?

7, Is the position of the group not consistent with the government’s position especially in the light of the same demand accredited to the Minister of Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, when he appealed to the U.S. government not to grant Mr Abubakar a visa as this would send the wrong signal to the country on who the U.S. was supporting politically in 2019”?

These are some of the issues we shall examine in the light of the statement accredited to US embassy in Nigeria regarding its policies on granting or denial of visa to individuals.

The US Embassy in its response to several inquiries regarding the non issuance of visa to the Waziri of Adamawa to visit the US which has been politicised spoke through its Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Consulate in Lagos, Mr. Brussel Brooks, that; “ the issuance of U.S. visa to former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, and anyone else. is strictly a confidential matter” He added that, “the U.S. Government will not discuss the issue in public for any reason.

Mr Brooks enjoined candidates at all levels to focus on issue-based campaigns and avoid distractions.
With the position taken by the US embassy it is our expectation that the Forum of Non-Governmental Organisations in Nigeria led by Comrade Wole Badmus, should have taken the advice and acted by stopping their members from embarking on the disgraceful, shameful and unnecessary protest that became a national embarrassment.

This singular act by the group has robbed the organisation the genuine patriotic sentiments they wanted to portray on behalf of the gullible Nigerians. Their actions were un called for and it ended by exposing the under belly of their hidden agenda.
It has also reduced the group to the level of political thugs usually hired by the politicians to over heat the polity.

The Comrade and his group must know the US embassy does not need their prodding to grant or deny visa to any Nigerian or anyone else because they have the means and capacity to deal with such cases.

Let me also use this opportunity to educate Mr. Badmus that Nigeria has an extradition treaty with the US and it can request through the due processes of law to get Atiku extradited to the US to face the consequence of his actions.

Further more if the US government wanted Atiku arrested for the offence he committed against the United States as alleged, it would have done so 13years ago. After all Atiku has in the last 13 years since the matter under reference was on the table visited several countries that the US has extradition treaty, and they could have picked him from there.

The case of the leader of WikiLeaks now holed up in the Bolivian Embassy in London. The arrest of the Heir apparent of Huawei a Chinese technology company in Canada on the request of the US for violating American embargo on Iran shows clearly how the US does not need any advise from Badmus and his group if they have to pick Atiku and try him in the Us.

In fact what Comrade Badmus should have done is to take his fellow protesters to Aso Villa and ask why the Nigerian Government failed to arrest Atiku and send him to jail for crime they are alleging he committed in the US, after all the money they claim he stole belongs to the Nigerian people.

The group had in their letter acknowledged, the US government had already demonstrated its commitment to stand by all its legislations referenced in the petition by showing leadership in the trial and the sentencing of its nationals to various prison terms for the offences our nation has failed to hold its citizens accountable.

To camouflage under the umbrella of a respectable Forum of the Non Governmental organisations in Nigeria and play politics is absurd, dishonest and embarrassing, more especially when the US Embassy had already made its position known on issues regarding visa issuance.

To play to the gallery for cheap political gains will end in self destructions for the organisation. As a people we must not open our dirty linens in the public for the whole world to laugh at us. There are processes and procedures to explore on all issues before we draft our gullible citizens on the streets to demonstrate.

The honour to do the right thing is on us. We must stand up and do the right things before others could respect us. Do we really need to ask the US to arrest Atiku and send him to jail America? After all the alleged stolen money belongs to the Nigerian people?

Atiku has not ran away from Nigeria in fact he has even challenged anybody, who has any evidence that he was involved in corrupt practices to produce it.

if we can’t do it our selves then we must shut up. We must not continue looking for solutions to our problems else where.