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Stop complaining.

Very touching message.
A beautiful post ……….from one mother to another mother

Forwaded as received ….

There were days when My home used to be filled with laughter, arguments, fights, jokes and loads of mischief.

Books used to be strewn all over the show. Pens and books all over, and clothes messing the rooms, thrown on the beds.

I used to shout at them to tidy up their mess.

In the morning:

One will wake up and say :
Mama I can’t find a certain book.

And the other will say : I can’t find my perfume,

And one will say : Mama where’s my homework.

And another : Mama I forgot to complete my homework.

Everyone used to ask about their lost possessions. And I will say, but take care of your stuff, be responsible, you have to grow up.

And today I stand at the doorway of the room. The beds are empty. All the cupboards have only a few pieces of clothes in them. And what remains is the smell of perfume that lingers in the air.

Everyone had a special smell. So I take in the smell of their perfume for maybe it will fill the empty ache in my heart.

All I have now is the memory of their laughs and their mischief and their warm hugs.

Today my house is clean and organized and everything is in its place, and it is calm and peaceful. But it is like a desert with no life in it. Do not become angry with your kids about the mess.

Every time they come to visit and they spend time with us, when they are ready to leave. They pull their bags and it is as if they tug my heart along with it.

They close the door behind them and then I stand still and think of the many times I shouted them to close the doors.

Here I am today, closing my own doors. Nobody opens it besides me. Each one gone to a different city or a different country. All left to find their own path in life.

They have grown up and I wished that they could stay with me forever.

Oh! God….. Take care of them & all other children wherever they may be, for you are their guide and their protector …and always keep them happy.
If yr children are still in d stage that u need to talk & talk before they could get things done in the house, pls. cherish & endure it with joy, don’t nag, they will soon leave yr home for you, remember they were not there at the beginning of yr marriage. Now that they are around, make them happy. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Dedicated to all mothers and fathers.


Three friends had an accident in a car and became unconscious. A stranger got to the scene and wanted to call for help. He had no phone. ​There were six mobile phones in the accident car but all had password on them​.
They all died as a result….!

A pregnant lady collapsed at home with her little daughter. The little girl had no idea of what was happening but saw her mother gasping for air. ​She picked her mother’s phone to call her Daddy but there was a password on the phone​.
She lost her life…..!

Whose fault?

​My advice is this.​
You are too precious than the information you are securing on your phone.

Only put password on your WhatsApp, Text messages, Facebook, files, etc and leave the call side free. You may one day save your life or the life of your loved ones.

​The password on your phone can be your death warrant.​

Think twice.

A message worth spreading…..creating awareness is real HUMANITY than sympathising or emphathising on the situation….


The wife checked her husband’s phone and found these names:

– The tender one

– the amazing one

– Lady of my dreams

The wife got angry and called the first number to find out that was his mother

, and then called the second number his sister replied back . She dialed the third her own phone rang !!!!

She cried until she got her eyes swollen because she doubted her husband, so she gave him her monthly salary to make up for her sin.

Once his mother knew of the story, she sold her jewelery and gave him the money

The husband took the money and bought a gift for his girlfriend which her name was saved as “Moses  the electrician.

Happy weekend everyone.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€



And then a Nigerian man quote and retweeted. *_”Come to my country, you won’t even have battery to type this nonsense*_”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


_* When U chop alone in government and no one chop with U, dem dey call that one *OBJ.*_
_* When U chop in government, come allow others to chop their own, that is called *IBB.*_
_* When U chop in government, come bring democracy and people come forget say U chop, that is called *Abdusallam.*_
_* When U chop in government and the place U are choping eventually fold up, that is called *Atiku.*_
_* When U dey chop in government, U no remember your driver, secretary, office assistants, that is called *Gowon.*_
_* When U dey chop alone in government, no remember anybody, so tay dem come drive U comot, that one is called *Shonekan.*_
_* When dem just appoint U for government position, and U just chop small, auditors kon come say bring all papers, that is called *Nwodo.*_
_* When U chop in government and U die while chopping, that is called *Abacha.*_
_* When U chop and drink in government so tey U come intoxicate, and others come dey do U wayo, dey chop their own join, that is called *Goodluck Jonathan.*_
_* When U over-chop in government and U call your friends to come chop their own, that is called *Ibori.*_
_* When U chop and clean mouth like say U no chop anything, that is called *Fashola.*_
_* When U chop in government, come dey abuse people wey give U opportunity to chop, that one is called *El-Rufai.*_
_* When U chop from government, come spread your boys for government, dem dey chop U dey chop, dem dey chop U dey chop, that one is called *Tinubu.*_
_* When U chop in government so teeey U scatter ground, three houses for America, two for London, six for Maitama, seven for V.I, as madam dey go shopping for Dubai, children dey go summer for Spain, EFCC kon gbab U, that one is called *Diezani.*_
_* When U chop well well for government and people know say U chop well well but U dey deny say U chop well well, that one is called Rotimi *Amaechi.*_
_* When U chop in government so tay U come even dey richer than the place U dey chop from, that one is called *Rochas.*_
_* When U chop and chop so tey U come tire, come begin dey distribute the chopping to other people, that one is called  *Dasuki.*_
_* When  U see  government money and refuse to chop and refuse to allow make people chop, so tay hunger come dey wire dem, an your main men come deh chop deh blame “rats and cockroaches and spirits”that one is called *Buhari.*_


A newly married couple was walking through a garden, suddenly a dog ran towards them.
They both knew it will bite them…
The husband lifted his wife to let the dog bite him rather than his sweetheart.
The dog stopped before them, unsure what to do, barked a little while & ran away.
The husband put his wife down, expecting a hug & a few kind words of gratitude from her.
But his wife shouted “I’ve seen people throwing stones & sticks at dogs, this is the first time I am seeing someone trying to throw his wife at a dog”
Moral : A Wife is a Wife 
“No One ELSE Can MIS-UNDERSTAND a Husband Better, than a Wife.”
Husband it is well. Take heart it is part of the challenges of being a husband.πŸ€“


The best car in the world is a woman… Ask me why
—2 beautiful headlights in the front

—2 great bumpers at the back.

—Self -lubricating when hot.

—Finger touch ignition.

—Automatic engine oil change every month. 

—Any type of piston fits. 

—Multiple seating styles & adjustments.

—Great accessories.

—Highest mileage 9months with just 5ml refill.
“That’s why MEN are dying to own one”: please send to the other luxurious cars u know, and to the men who appreciate fine vehicles. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ