I am not recanting all the good things I said about Governor Buni, though he is making me uncomfortably jittery going by the way he is stiching the gaps in the APC. Every move he made in recent times endears him to those who are following events in the political space. The commitment, the dedication he is handling the job as the interim chairman of the APC should be gratifying even to those who did not like his appointment. Frankly speaking not many could have done the job he is doing it.

He is doing it so well that I am uncomfortable we may be heading for one party state in the 2023 elections.

If you are from Yobe my home state the strategy is working with the hand writing clearly on the wall for every doubting ‘Thomas’ to see. It will fool hardy under the circumstance for any of the political parties in Yobe to contemplate fielding a candidate in the 2023 gubernatorial elections. The election has been dusted and worn unless something un imaginable happens.

In Yobe today, the party is Buni. The gentleman has taken over every thing and earned the respect of every one with his style of politics. He speak the truth and never say anything bad about other leaders no matter how bad they were, those close to him know, they dare not cross the red line. The norm for him is what can you do to move Yobe forward in respective of your political persuasions.

This is how simplistic Buni looks at issues. But don’t get me wrong I am not saying he is not partisan, he only has an uncommon way of operating behind a façade glaced with sincerity that appeals to human sensibilities. A modern age politician no bravado but purpose. The guy is infectious, so genuine in his outlook. He lives you guessing what would be his next move. He does not betray any emotions, always cool, collected, cunningly aggressive and focused. He pounces on his opportunities and take them, by the time you begin to think it is history mission accomplished.

My fears are hinged on the strategic innovations and consolidations the Governor is bringing to the APC. If what is going on in Yobe is replicated in the administration of the national headquarters of the APC, he is now leading in interim capacity, it will be difficult for any political party to un lodge the party in the presidential election in 2023.

I argue, with the power of incumbency, and the number of APC governors that in their first term, the way elections are conducted in this country it would be a big task for any opposition party to win the presidential election.

Another big plus for APC is Governor Mala himself, if he is able to prevent, contain any dissent and break way within the party close to the general elections, in spite of how people feel about the Buhari administration the APC may still prevail.

Governor Buni must have noticed this as he has recently shifted his focus to fine tunning his strategic plan to keep the party in leadership even after he must handed over the leadership of the party to the elected party officials.

To ensure that nothing goes wrong after he leaves, he recently constituted a 61 man strategic committee comprising of 12 governors, of the APC all in their first term and brought in some new influential members who crossed from the opposition party under the Mala peace initiative to add value to whatever his committee is doing. Among the members are the two former speaker of the House of representative Oludumeji Bankole, Yakubu Dogara and Benga Daniel who was at one time the campaign manager Atiku 2019.

A situation indicating the rancor within the party is no longer an issue. The aim now is to consolidate the good job done and to forestall issues that are likely to arise from the party conventions.

Conversely, the PDP is still struggling with how to reposition the party. The controversy raging within the party, is where the Presidential slot would be zoned. This is consuming the energy of the party and seriously distracting the Sarki peace committee. A situation governor Mala has strategically avoided to dominate his efforts rather he is focusing on reconciling the warring members of the party poaching from the opposition party and deflecting all issues relating to where the presidential candidate of the party could emerge and so far is working well for the party.

No wonder therefore in the speech inaugrating the contact/strategy committee governor Buni revealed that “the party intends to rule for 32 years twice the period PDP ruled, what an ambitious plan?

He also mandated the committee to conduct need assessment survey from party members and the general public, create a statement of vision, mission and core values of the party that will foster unity….’’
He added the contact committee must consolidate the achievements of his committee in building a strong party with solid structure that would make APC to stand the test of time.

This is how visionary leaders emerge, very unselfish, focused, resolute always looking at the wider picture beyond personal or group interest.

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