We have warned elsewhere that boxing people to adopt the culture of silence may not be in the overall interest of the nation in the long ran, it may explode. Silence does not always mean capitulation, it requires just a simple trigger to implode and become something big.

When the very few good men in society can no longer speak the truth. When voices of reason choose not to “ask or tell” then something is fundamentally wrong with that society. If every opinion is attacked with vigour and venom. When elders in the society are attacked, bruised and called all sorts of names for speaking the truth or telling the leadership there are some concerns in the society. They say so not because they just want to speak. They speak because they were once there or have over time acquired the intellect or wisdom to perceive situations much earlier then many of us could perceive.

When those in power are not easily reachable or have become impervious to dialogue or genuine discourse because they find every piece of advice detestable or at variance in the way they do things. When the leadership becomes enmeshed in power and corrupted by it.
When they only listen to the sweet songs of their praise singers, who are prepared to tell them what they want hear and ready to defend them at any cost because they want to maintain the in inflow of the largesse to their bank accounts regardless of how honorable and good intention the advises were.

The outcome of such contempt to our elders and the disregard to our common cultures, ethos and morass, will only bring chaos, confusion, civil disobedience and break of the peace.

When lawlessness breaks the same voices that were rejected are now sought after to calm nerves, unfortunately by then the damage must have been done.
We must as a people before the next circle breaks tell ourselves the home truth and begin to listen to voices of reason no matter where it is coming from

The reasons that brought about the protest that compelled government to disband SARs did not start just yesterday, it has been their with us for sometime. People of good conscience have warned the authorities but they decided to look the other way. What happened, happened because we failed to read the red alerts.

SARs, was just one of the few frustrations in the society our few good men have been talking about but were ignored. I did not believe most of the atrocities labelled against SARS, until when I heard Fulani Kwajafa, the person who created SARS regretting that if he knew the outfit would stoop so low, he wouldn’t have contemplated forming the command.

Compol. Kwajafa (rtd) was a respected and a real professional policeman during his time, to hear him say what he said about SARS was amazing.

Be it what it may, we must use whatever experiences acquired from SARS protest and the breaking of government ware houses where palliatives meant for the citizens during the COVID 19 lockdown and reflect. The protest exposed the underbelly of those who are suppose to be our rulers for who they are. The bottom line is it brought to bare the deep hunger and anger in the society.

The government must as a matter priority dig deep to uncover those frustrations in society and deal with it.
The lessons learnt from the two incidents must be the basis upon which the government must use to rebuild public confidence. Amazingly however the body language of those in power and their surrogates are not giving anyone hope that lessons have been learnt.

The discordant voices going round in dealing with the aftermath of the protest suggest otherwise. The blame game will not take the country anywhere but to the dark alley. We must be prepared to allow opposing voices to be after all that is the beauty of democracy. May wisdom prevail.

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