It is amazing how the intellectuals, the literate, the semi and the dumb have made Abba Kyari the punching bag of this administration. Every action was taken by this government that does not go down well with expectations of some aggrieved persons it is attributed to Abba, simply because he is doing the job Mr President wants him to do.

Some even call him “Mr President” others refer to him the boss of the cabal.

When the President released the names of his Ministers to the Senate, Abba was blamed for tinkering with the list.

When the Head of Civil Service of the Federation was questioned by the EFCC on some accusations of impropriety, it was insinuated that Abba masterminded the scrutiny simply because they disagreed on the reinstatement of fugitive Director of Pension Maina.

The chief of Staff has since denied knowledge of EFCC investigation of the Hos. This position was also collaborated by the Hos herself and yet Abba stands accused of pushing the EFCC to settle a score.

When Abba wrote a query to the Executive Secretary FIRS to explain why there was a sharp drop in the revenue collection of his organisation Abba was accused of having a stone to grind with the Tinubu boys in government.

Even Mrs Buhari herself was said to be wondering how Abba has grief over the government.

While browsing my Facebook account I came across a post by the erudite Associate Professor of Journalism Mr Farooq Kperogi, someone I admire, respect and enjoy reading his articles. In the post under reference, it was insinuated that;

“President” Abba Kyari, who is the arrowhead of the “Kingibe for President in 2023” plan, is now coming for Lagos slave master Tinubu’s jugular. He has queried Fowler, Tinubu’s minion, to account for discrepancies in FIRS’ books. The gloves are off. Watch out for the food fight between Tinubu and Buhari minions in the news media and on social media. I predicted this months ago. As we say in Nigerian Pidgin English, wetin concern agbero with overload?

These are examples to many to just believe that Abba or the Cabal are acting their own scripts without the knowledge of Mr President.

The Professor with his vast sources of news must have known about the open letter, the FIRS staff wrote to the President about Fowler, detailing corporate and institutional lies about FIRS performance

Some of the issues highlighted In the said letter were the call on the President to investigate the activities of Fowler from the first day he assumed office to period he was holding sway as the Executive Chairman of FIRS.

“They accused Fowler of completely politicizing the FIRS and how it becomes a Mecca or Jerusalem of some sorts to politicians and parasitic contractors.

Other allegations against the FIRS boss included extravagant weekly spending on concerts and parties in Lagos, Port Harcourt and other major cities within and outside Nigeria, frivolous donations to organizations while staff entitlements for official engagements would take a long time to settle.

Irked by some of the allegations Fowler was invited to the Presidency to shed light on these allegations

In spite of all these weighty allegations against Fowler, Abba is being accused of strategising for Kingibe by dealing with the minions and lackeys of Tinubu.

My amazement, about all this, is how we look at issues in this country. Very instructive to note is, President Buhari was a General in the Nigerian Army, someone who had led Officers and Men of the Nigerian Army to war to defend the corporate existence of Nigeria. An officer who had commanded several platoons, battalion and once a garrison commander, a state governor, a federal Minister and at one time Head of State of this country, for people to imagine that he has no control over his circumstances is, to say the least, laughable and self-serving.

The President in a show of knowledge of what is going on in his environment in his closing remark at a presidential retreat for minister’s designate in Abuja said;

“In terms of coordination, kindly ensure that all submissions for my attention or meeting requests be channelled through the Chief of Staff, while all Federal Executive Council matters are coordinated through the Secretary to the Government of the Federation,”

The fact that everyone working under the Executive draws his powers from the delegated powers of the President this directive speaks volumes.

When Abba signs communications within or those going out of the statehouse, does not mean the President is not aware. What he does is the normal procedure and it has been the practice.

We must all put it in our thick skulls each time Abba signs a communication under the statehouse seal, it is meant for empathy. It is expected that recipients of such communications accord the subject, matter utmost consideration as if the President signed them himself.

The chief of staff may have some adversarial advantage but certainly the final decision rest with the President on all matters.

With the message coming from the President, all those in doubt about the role of Abba Kyari and that of Boss Mustapha in this government should sheath their swords in order to allow them to do the job, the President wants them to do.

Name-calling such as cabal, president’s men, kitchen cabinet members and petty self-serving accusations will not change anything but overheat the polity, unnecessarily.

It is my prayer the President’s clear directive on the role of Abba and that of Boss Mustapha will put to rest, the annoying deliberate show of lack of understanding of the functions of these strategic officers by the elites and those who profit from the mischief.


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