When every conversation is seen to be toxic and offensive simply because the truth is being told. When the free press is muzzled because it gives the opposition the window to speak; when the apparatus of cohesion of the state descend on the high and low who speaks the truth simply because the truth is what the “power that be” does not want to hear or know; when every counter view or opinion is seen as a direct assault on those in power it must, therefore, be killed; These are the absurdities of our time.

Democratic governments are seen to be the best form of government majorly because it was built on the concept that people are the sovereign.

The contemporary interpretation of democracy from the political point of view posits that it is a system of government in which a country’s political leaders are chosen by the people in regular, free and fair elections.

The people have a choice between different candidates and parties who want the power to govern. The people can criticize and replace their elected leaders and representatives if they do not perform well.

The people are sovereign, they are the highest authority and government is based on the will of the people. Elected representatives at the national and local levels must listen to the people and be responsive to their needs. That is why democracy depends upon a literate, knowledgeable citizenry whose access to information enables it to participate as fully as possible in the public life of their society and to criticize unwise or tyrannical government officials or policies.

Citizens and their elected representatives must recognize that democracy depends upon the widest possible access to uncensored ideas, data, and opinions.

All people should have the right to form their own opinions and express them individually or in peaceful assemblies.
Free societies create a “marketplace of ideas” where people exchange their views on any number of issues. Once this is trampled upon the system becomes autocratic and tyrannical.

The fear of concentrating power in a particular individual or arm of government has the potency of tilting that government towards dictatorship.

Whenever a government felt it can longer be responsive to its crying citizen and thinks that only it has the panacea or solution to all issues then we must kiss democratic processes goodbye.

This government “won its election” on the premise that it would move this country to the “Next Level” in doing so we advise, it must allow the opposition to exist. It must be prepared to listen to counter views even if they are not tandem with its views.

Any society that does not give room for counter views and opinions is not likely to progress.

One of the major difference between democracy and other forms of governments is its the ability to condone free flow of information, free access, free and fair elections at certain intervals, listen to and give room for counter views.

To strangulate the system and the citizenry to adopt a culture of silence will be a mockery of the next level of progress the government is promising us.

We do not need to Kill the messenger simply because you do not like the message. No government strives better without the opposition. They must be allowed to exist. It is what makes democracy tick.

If people are gored to keep quiet out of fear of reprisals by the state the society would be the loser. Criticism is part of governance it must be allowed to flourish. This country belongs to all of us we have a stake in the way its govern.

The government is free to ignore the message but it must not kill the messenger, it may need him to legitimize the next round of elections.

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