Thank God it will soon be all over a week from now. The catchy jingles, the swearing, the manoeuvrings, the lies, the hate campaigns, the venom that characterise the 2019 political campaigns will go down in to the annals of our political history as one of the most vitriolic.

Just like it started it may not produce the desired leaders we envisaged, but the recycling of elites, failed promises and the continued immiseration of the poor.

The rich will re group and plan how they are going to continue sharing our common wealth, life goes on as usual.

The free lunch, the stipend dished out as transport allowances to move people from one campaign rallies to another will stop coming.

The gates of the fortresses of the super rich that were wide open during the elections will shut, living behind stern looking gendarmes, buzu’s, local security personnel with their thick moustaches and red eyes barricading the entrances of the houses of the political mentors, signalling the party is all over.

Soon also the conviviality that developed with those in Executive position will be lost. As they retreat to their guarded sanctuaries in the Presidential Palaces and State Government houses to take their much deserved rest from the one month of gallivanting the length and breath of our great country.

The telephone and mobile phone numbers that were exchanged during the campaigns will either removed, changed or switched off permanently. The appeal for votes will end and the partying begins.
Soon for many who have sold their conscience for pittance, blind following coloured by religion, ethnic, sectional, god fatherism and subterranean considerations the reality of hunger, mass poverty insecurity, nepotism, and miss governance will now confront them as sudden as they lost their rights to have a say on their destinies.

The youth brigades, the Ecomog the Sara Suka, etc, children of the under privilege that were introduced to the use of illicit drugs, will turn on the society to cause havoc, when their sources of funds for the purchase the drugs dries.

Some of them may never recover from the crave of the drugs, they will go under to swell the ranks of the under world criminals.

Some may be forced or recruited by the insurgents, as they readily become their sources of funds to satisfy their in satiable need for the drugs that would keep them going.

These are some of the ugly aftermath of the way we conduct politics.

Conversely. the children of the super rich and the politicians we blindly supported would return to their campuses at Oxford, Harvard and other high brow universities spread across the western world.

The real losers in all these is the Nigeria State and the Nigerian People. Another cycle of short changing us will begin.

The promises that were made during the campaigns will remain unfulfilled. Both the losers and the winners of the elections would come together to find a common ground on how to continue improving their bank balances. While they smile on their ways to the banks, the generality of the Nigerian public would burry their faces in shame questioning providence and blaming God for their collective failures.

The cycle of lamentations, frustrations and clinging on to destiny as the cause for our misery would begin, something which we had the opportunity to avert and change.

My dear brothers we still have a week within which to look closely and separate the shafts from weeds. We must not allow sentiments of whatever colouration deter us from being on the path of the truth and honour. We know what the politicians are capable of doing.

This country has gone to cliffs before. God has always been their for us, how much more He would be their for us is absolutely not for us to decide or chose. The choice we have control over is the opportunity granted to us by liberal democracy. The right to change our leaders every four years. How well we utilise our franchise is the key.

The soap box drama will soon come to an end, it also goes with our aspirations for the next four years and may be even beyond.

The future is now in our hands to decide. Whatever needs to be said has been said, from the wise counselling of our elders, the clergy, the media, the intellectuals, the political analyst and the stupid rhetoric dished out from soap box, it is now up to us to think, make sense out of it and vote wisely.

I wish you peaceful and safe election.
Long live the Federal Relublic of Nigeria.

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