In the next 30 days from today all the mudslinging, the scaremongering and the dirty politics will be decided by the ballot box, as in many elections in the past.

The one before us in my opinion is still between the devil and deep blue sea.

The politicians now in the arena seeking for our franchise throwing jabs at each other have shown to us they have not learnt from our past mistakes.

To me it looks like “business as usual”. They are engaging in the same rhetoric and would return to their dining tables enjoying their spoils at the expense of the masses.

They will be feasting on our common wealth as before laughing on their ways to banks and the board rooms of the companies that control the economic machines that oils the wealth of the nation.

They share common board room in the institutions that control our common wealth. They own the Oil wells, the Banks, the Bureau de Change, the Financial Institutions, the Airlines, the Discos, the Companies that control the input and out put chain in the economy etc.

When they meet in those board rooms they don’t talk about which party they belong, rather they speak as a family and how they would protect their common wealth from the masses whom they promised a lot but knew they are un attainable.

They may not stop at that as they would also take over the Executive, the Judiciary and Legislative arms of government living us the citizens with nothing but lamentations and further Impoverishment.

The scare tactics that characterise the campaign polemics will now shift from their common political enemies to the masses.

The security agencies will now start issuing statements that reads “ it will deal with all individuals, groups or association, who try to break the peace”. “The clergy will appeal for peace and forgiveness”. “The elder state men would call for understanding”. The appeals keeps coming from all directions, but the real truth is, they are all part of the common group that are living fat on us. Non of them really have the masses in their minds.

It is then that we shall belatedly realise that the polemics has turned against us. We chicken out blaming God for our destiny, something we could have controlled ourselves.

The issues of anti corruption will be pushed to back burner. The normal black outs and fuel crises would resume. Kidnappings, herdsmen farmer conflict returns, hyper inflation, the fight against boko haram insurgency would be down graded. Nepotism and leadership arrogance takes over before the next circle of election. Integrity and anti corruption would be the first to go.

Whether you belong to the “lets get Nigeria working again” or “moving Nigeria to the next level” the choice is one and same thing.

We have at least seen from the Vice Presidential debate, there is nothing new but continuation of the status quo.

Let us I forget until something un expectedly happens there may be no Presidential debate because the occupant of the Aso Villa is being protected by his party from partaking in the debate.

For whatever reason they are doing so is up to them and the Nigerian to rationalise.

We must not allow ourselves to be deceived by the anti corruption group because we have now seen their antecedents.

They wine and dine with the filthy and the corrupt and yet they claim integrity. I would like remind you of the popular Hausa proverb that says “Abokin barawo barawone” Which literally translate into “ A thief friend is a thief”

We must not condescend, we must not be taken for granted, we must not allow them to be heading to banks laughing at our immiseration.

We must not allow ourselves to be buried in our shame lamenting how we sacrificed our future for little change, sugar, rice and detergents that lasted only for the period of the elections.

We must remember the process of short changing us will continue to be perfected in the board rooms, the hallow chambers and the council rooms spread across the country.

We must not allow our idiosyncrasies, god fatherism, subtrenain and other political considerations becloud our sense of judgement in deciding where our votes should go.

Our destinies are in our vote, so vote wisely. Its not too late.

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