When everything else fails, when the centre that bind us together can no longer hold. When everything defies logic and common sense. When our collective social mores is debased. When everyone else tell lies just in order to achieve certain benefits. That society is bound to apocalypse. Sadly, this has become the fallacy bedevilling our leaders today from the small to the mighty.

The show of shame in the national Assembly where Distinguished Senators and Honourable Members of the National Assembly are calling the President a liar, speaks volumes about how things are done in this country.

Before 2015 who would have imagined the President will be treated in this manner by any one, talk less by the Distinguished and Honourable members of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The President must not listen to his praise singers and those who came to his defence on the show of shame at the national assembly. He must not reduce the whole saga to politics. It goes beyond that. He must consider the breach seriously. It shows dissent in the way government business is being conducted.

A friend recently send to me a video clip where the President was saying this; “ I don’t have companies, I don’t attach much to materialism, especially materialism on things that will affect the development of the country, I have a clear conscious, I feel I can face God with confidence”.

In this the President is claiming a high moral ground. He is simply telling us he has no faults. He believes God forbids, if he dies today he would be beyond reproach by his creator.

For me these are some of the things I find disturbing with the President’s attitude. The fact that you think you are clean doesn’t make one a saint. You may be good in one area and found wanting in the others, after all we are human beings.

My concerns about the President statements is rooted in the fact under the President are the good, the bad and ugly appointees, whose actions and in actions have some vicarious effect on the high moral grounds of the President.

I am sure the President has not forgotten that he is the ruler of one God’s own country called Nigeria? A country now given the label of being the poorest capital of the world. A country blessed by God to be great but many of it citizens are dying by the day for lack of security, hunger, diseases and mass poverty. A country where many go to bed without having their last meal for the day because they can not afford it.

Has the President also forgotten that he will stand before God and the Nigerian people to account for his leadership? Claiming a moral high ground in order to achieve certain benefits does not make him a just ruler.

Pious leaders that came before us always prayed to God for continuous guidance and asking for forgiveness and for God to cover their short comings. They never proudly show piousness because they know there is a lot to leadership then integrity.

I hope when the President was making those statement he factored the fact that every Nigerian would be asked by God if he was a just ruler to them.
I am saying this with the realisation of the fact that;
1. Nigeria has been judged the poorest capital of the world and its not doing well in the world ranking of corrupt countries. This means there is prevalence of mass poverty which translates to people going to bed hungry;
2. Recall that during the time of caliphate Umar (RA). He goes around the city of Madina in the night to find out whether there is a single resident of the city who went to bed hungry because he could not afford to cook food for the night. He was concerned because as leader he knows God would call him to account. Can the President purge himself before God why so many Nigerians go to bed on empty stomach?
3. The President took oath and promised he will protect the lives and property of the Nigerian people, can he say this was achieved, in the light of what is going on in Zamfara alone?
4. Power outages, total black outs, high tariff for electricity charged by the Discos, sometimes for power not even supplied and no body cares because the Discos are owned by the influential elites, the rich and powerful in the society;
5. The failure of our national infrastructures such as in educations, roads, health etc.

Today the universities are closed for months and nobody is talking about it, because the children of the rich and the powerful are safely studying in Universities around the world.

The pathetic situations in our health sectors also calls for the reflections of the President more especially when he himself had to travel abroad for medical treatments on many occasions leaving behind the indigent and the poor to contend with the bad facilities in our hospitals;

6. Abuse of due processes and disregard of court orders and selective application of the law also does not give confidence to the citizens. The society has been divided in to the touchable and un touchable,

7. Elites conspiracies against the poor thereby short changing them of the benefits of nationhood;
8. Nepotism, Tribalism and Religion now determines who gets what and who goes where;

9. Unemployment and selective employment only for the children of privileged and powerful abounds;

These are some of the paradoxes of our social reality which the President has sworn to protect, when he presented himself for election to highest office of the land in 2015.

Almost four years down the lane his government has not yet changed our situations but is now asking for four more years in order to “take us to the next level”

I am sure some apologist of the government will take me on this by saying that the President was not the cause of the Nigerian problems. Yes this may be true but how many Nigerians would say they are unhappy with the way the country is being governed?

Leadership is beyond integrity alone you may be the most morally perfect leader this country has ever produced but you may also be the most in effective leader ever to govern the nation.

Consequently, the purpose of leadership is to able to touch and change the lives of the people in the most positive way.
Human beings can be deceived, cajoled and coerced to internalise what they have been fed by the powerful and to believe it as right, because they are limited in capacity to know the truth. But God knows the hidden and the un spoken.

Integrity may be high on the virtues of a leader but is certainly not everything.
Leadership is also about ability, competence, capacity and how effective the leader was in changing the fortunes of the country by making it great.

The world is full of the history of morally upright leaders and how they woefully failed in governance.

To reduce everything to integrity, means we may be missing the point, especially in our circumstances where the four years of integrity succeeded in only producing high level of chaos, poverty, hunger, disease, kidnapping, killings and in security.

It has also reduced the whole campaign for the 2019 to scaremongering, name calling and labelling. If you are not with them you are a thief. The state agencies of anti corruption must therefore swoop on you. If you are with them then you can be invited to a dinner.

Its a pity for the oppositions they have to contend with this un fair environment the state has perfected for its own benefits.

The gullible Nigerian have also fallen victims to the propaganda techniques that portrays the government as the best we could ever have .

The most vilified in all this is Atiku the Waziri of Adamawa who is being punished for being rich. He has been sentenced in the public court as guilty of an offence a normal court of competent jurisdiction has not found him guilty. The law has been turned upside down “You are guilty as charged” it is no longer “You are innocent until proven guilty”

The of lack of issues based political campaign has made the political arena dull, predictive and scary.
This is also exacerbated by the conspiracy of the main stream media in their un equal treatment of the oppositions in the dissemination of political massages.

The major losers in all this is Nigeria and the gullible Nigerian people who have been hoodwinked in to believing the lies dished out to them by the compromised media and the politicians continuously on daily basis as the truth.

This may be the reason behind the uproar at the National Assembly, but it is up to the President to demand to know more from the people he co opted to assist him in running of the affairs of the state, whether they are feeding him with lies or the truth

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