When the society becomes debased; when anything goes; when there are no differences between the good the bad and ugly; When our simple morass no longer regulate the behaviour of the society; When the love that bonds and keep the society together has broken down; When the difference between the lawful and un lawful doesn’t matter any more;

When court judgement are longer respect; When hate speeches, false claims, divisiveness, killings for no just reasons permeates the society and becomes the norm; when good people and elders don’t speak any more out of fear.

When everything is reduced to parochialism, boot leaking, hero worshiping, greed, selfishness and self serving,

When the society is being segregated between us and them, When the society is redefining the way live and settle based on affinity and religion; When you never know where or who to ran for comfort or succour; Because the society no longer listen:

The remains of General Alkali was finally committed to mother earth his journey in this tortious planet has come to end tragically. He did not die in the battle field as soldier a profession he served meritoriously honour but in hands of some senseless bigots, who if pressed cant not tell the reason why they killed him.

It took the intervention of the military high command to un cover the death of Gen. Alkali.

Many have lost their love ones in similar circumstances their families would never know the truth of what happened.

Prophet Muhammad swt said in one of his traditions that, a time will come when the person who was killed will not know the reason why he was killed, and the person who killed him would not know the reason why he killed the person. These according to the prophecy is signalling the signs of end of time

The senseless killings in Kaduna which took so many lives, would have been worst if not for the proactive intervention of the governor.

The perilous situation in Zamfara resulting in the displacement and killings of many innocent people which is continuing with no end in sight.
The Taraba and Benue massacres, that left the communities still grappling to put behind them dastardly acts.

The Herdsmen – Farmer conflicts that has claimed several lives.

The Shite conflict right at nose of the seat of the government in Abuja were many lives were lost. If the situation is not carefully manage it has the potency to escalate because of the significant followership the sect in the country.

Recall this is was how the Boko Haram insurgency started when their leader was killed by the Police in Maiduguri.

The nation is still struggling to restore normalcy in the affected areas. A lot has been achieved but we are not there yet. This nation can not handle the fight in all these fronts.

We have seen what is happening Yemen between Houthi backed Iran and the Saudi- Emirate coalition. The senseless lost of lives, the suffering of the people more especially the vulnerable the “women and the children”

What is happening Libya is another one example we must avoid.

Southern Sudan is another example where elite selfishness has costed the young nation its chance to prosper and take its position in the comity of nations in spite of the massive natural the country posses.
We must not allow these matters to be politicized. We urge all people of good intentions who can intervene in order to avert the situation to speak. Remember the silence of the good on an issue is worst then the crimes of the bad people.

We have only one country and everything makes sense when it exists in peace so that all can partake and freely engage with one another without let or hindrance.

When a society does not learn from its past mistakes, that society in no distant future will be doomed to apocalypse.

We must always remember we are one people created by God to share the space called Nigeria, our differences are suppose to be our strength. We must use it to built a virile nation for good of this generation and those coming after we have long gone.

Let us bequeath to them one nation that exist peacefully under one God with shared cultures, religions and greater aspirations.

May Allah swt grant the repose souls of those who lost their lives in the senseless killings, eternal peace. And give to those who have suffered or lost their love ones the courage to move on and forgive.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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