I was on this medium accused of being anti Buhari, for writing on issues that exposes the under belly of some of the actions of this administration.

As a journalist, I am apolitical, I served this country diligently for 35years in many capacities and did so to the best of my ability. I served the military and all the governments that came when the country returned to civil rule including the present government.

I am also a true believer in the Nigerian project. To me therefore Nigeria is bigger then any one person.

For any one to insinuate that I am partisan because I served the government of Obj and Jonathan is not only unfair, but it simply means the person does not know where I am coming from.

My comments on public affairs are based on my experiences in those tortuous period and the journalism creed I was taught in my journalism school to uphold.

I do not engage in mudslinging or partisanship. But if some of my writings were seen to be political, I have no regrets for as long as they were reflections of what is going in the society and the truth has to be told.

In my attempt to present factual narratives as I see them people sometimes choose the points that does not appeal to their idiosyncrasies and make it an issue.

I strongly believe in the ability of my readers to separate between actual facts and partisanship.
The hall mark of journalism is to state the facts and allow the reader to make sense out of the narrative.

As harbingers of news and a public affairs commentators I refuse to be silenced. One of the major absurdity of our time is that comments on public affairs even in good taste were twisted and politicised. That is why good people no longer comment on public affairs issues.

They have been intimidated and cajoled to imbibe the culture of silence by those we elected to run our affairs on our behalf. Many have decided to “sit down and look” because of fear.

In a nation of about 200 million for people to assume that there will be no counter opinions on issues is to say that the society is doomed and apocalyptic.

To imagine that only one person has the monopoly of wisdom, honesty, uprightness and he is the only one above reproach is just like condemning the whole society.

We must not allow our fear to take over our rights to hold opinion and speak out. Our continued silence in face of all the in justice going on in the society will give rise to the emergence of dictatorship.

It would encourage our leaders to over load on us and treats us with disdain, contempt and impunity.
When a society becomes docile, leaders in their inner minds feel they have conquered and enslaved the collective morality of the society. This also give rise to the cohesive agencies of the state to bully the citizenry.

The supporters of the leaders also erroneously start to believe they are above the law and invincible. They become judgemental there à qadjudging the whole members of the society as dishonest, corrupt and dishonourable.

Contempt for the judiciary and rule of becomes rampant. Public officers disregard orders of the courts because they feel insulated and protected by the “powers that be”.

To them no body has the right to speak or hold opinions even on matters that affects the society’s general wellbeing’s as a people.

For sometimes now I have been deeply reflecting to locate the reasons for the hate, venom and the divisiveness that is now tearing our society apart

The simple conclusion I was able to arrive at was that mass poverty, intellectual bankruptcy, greed, selfishness and boot licking in the society has eaten deep in to our moral campus.

The society’s ability to reason and rationalise issues and take positions for the good of all has been beclouded by blind following.

As a result of these disconnect, the gullible lower strata in the society became despondent, divided, restive and militarised. They become a reserve army to be easily recruited by the powerful and the rich.

Their hate, frustrations and anger easily translates to blind support. To them therefore the society must coalesce and say no evil of their leader.

Buhari, has over years understood the frustrations of the lumpents and the down trodden and is providing for them the leadership style they yearn for which is visionless, cupid vindictive and dictatorial.

They hale, imbibe every drastic actions taken by the authority as an answer to their inner desire to settle scores against the society.

They see it as a triumph against the rich and affluent in the society whom they believe have stunted their progress to grow. They have internalised and truly believe the elite would not deliver on their promises to lift them out of poverty.
They welcome the anti corruption crusade targeting the rich and the affluent in the society as a sure way of venting their anger and frustrations on the few that they believe have cornered their common wealth.
They were mesmerised by the crudity of the fight against corruption and welcome it in spite of the misery, poverty, lack of security and miss governance in all the strata of government.

The enjoy the dictum “ if we can’t be let no one be” Their admiration for what is going on is not for love of any one person but it simply falls within their idiosyncrasies.

The elites and political class because of their greed, lust for materialism and power have fallen victim to the strategic “thinking” of the government they accuse for being clueless and visionless, are they?.

Some few weeks ago the NigeriaPolice was accused of plotting with some splinter group in the National Assembly to impeach the Senate President.

The plan failed woefully because it lacked strategic thinking, selfishness took over the execution of the game plan.

The executive realising the plan was poorly executed came out of the contraption clean by blaming the Police high command for the dirty job.

The Police had to come up with damage control measures to save their image actions. Perhaps this was why the Police was circumspect when DSS came calling on the National Assembly again.

The Senate President in a deft political move closed the assemblyfor almost two month thus giving him time to re strategize.

Not learning from their wrong political calculations the cabal yet again drafted personnel of the DSS to lay siege at the gate of the National Assembly to prevent Senators from attending a meeting called by the Senate President to address some of the issues the executive was selling to the public that needed the attention of the Assembly.

The public have started to “buy in” to the argument as public opinion was growing against the closure of the assembly for that long period of time.

But alas the project was again messed up by the cabal whose main goals were to impeach the Senate President and his Deputy rather then for the issues they felt the assembly should expeditiously handle for the good of the country.

Unfortunately for the cabal they under estimated the capacity of the Vice President who is now the Acting President to rationalise issues and take advantage of them.

The Law Professor will definitely not take the rubbish and the way the cabal do their things.

In a swift political move the Acting President sacked the Director General of the SSS and issued a statement through his media chief condemning the actions of the DG SSS citing lack of consultations with the executive and describing the action by former DG as undemocratic and anti thesis to the rule of law.
Since that move was taken pundits and political gladiators have taken over the air space and social media presenting all sorts of hypothesis and theories as to why and how the DG was removed.
Three dominant paradigms have so far emerged with each trying to justify why the Dg Sss was sacked.
The acting President cited lack of consultation with the executive and abuse of due process of the law and separation of power.
The other group sympathetic to government claimed the Dg Sss was playing the game plan he and the Senate President had mapped out in order to scuttle the move by the APC Senators to impeach him and his Deputy.

There are those group who also believed the executive hatched the plan in order to deal with Dg Sss whom they accuse of being too close to the Senate President and was under mining every attempt to impeach the leaders of the national assembly.

Other issues introduced to debate was the call on the Acting President to apply similar moral principles that guided him to remove the Dg Sss to also remove the Minister of Finance who had been accused of NYSC certificate forgery.

As a law Professor he needs not to be reminded the dangers of selective applications of the law on the society.

The actions of the DG Sss to invade the national assembly in the fashion the Russians did when they took over Ukraine is condemnable, not acceptable in democratic setting. Those that were behind the action must be un covered and made to face the wrath of the law.

Daura is no longer the Dg of Sss. He has become the fall guy of the absurdity that characterise what happened on the 7th of August.

The blind obsession by both the Executive and APC to remove the Senate President because he defected from the party is costing this country dearly in the eyes of the civilised world.

We must not allow the matter to be buried under the carpet. It is becoming a national disgrace. It is also becoming one mistake too many.

We therefore call on the authority to decisively deal with matter and also act on similar issues that are hanging begging for the attention of the executive.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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