Its amazing how the big and small are talking about Atiku’s return to the PDP after all he was a founding member of the party. They created, nurtured and took it to a level of greatness before some concerns forced him to shift ground.  The man has given reason why he had to leave APC and return home. I personally think people should allow him to exercise his rights as a citizen, since neither the national or party constitution prohibits that.  

We had instances where politicians who had used a flat form of the party to achieve their ambitions came out demonising the same party. 

Some became President of this country ruled for eight years courtesy of the PDP, yet when the going became tough, when their protégées were not forthcoming on their demands. He went on a public television tore the party membership card there by denigrating the platform that made him who he is in eyes of the world and no love was lost.

The real reason behind the hews and  cries  about  Atiku’s return to PDP by some members of the party, simply put  they are afraid Atiku has capacity, he has what it takes to give every party member who shares similar ambition of picking  the party’s presidential ticket a ran for their money. 

For those who are still crying foul that Atikus wanted to kill them and have taken it on themselves to  do everything to truncate his ambition. They still believe if he gets there, it would be very un safe for them.

Fear, greed and selfishness are  the reasons they are labelling Atiku as somebody who hob nobs from one party to another. 

Life is about choices and that is why  democracy flourishes, where there are multiplicity of parties to accommodate all shades of opinions and interests.

 It is therefore not un common to shift base to where your interest can best be served. 

To find answers to this dictum one does not need to go far. A cursory look at our political space will provide you with answers. The Senate President is an example of base shifting. The President was a CPC man when he wanted to fulfil his ambition he  entered into marriage of convenience with other  parties and today he is the President of the Nigeria because of  the amalgamation that took place.

In the end it is the electorates through the instrumentation of the will of  God,  they decides who becomes the President of Nigeria.

My advice to Atiku is, he should  not worry about what the distractors are saying. 

As Muslim he knows that power comes from God. No one and I emphasize no one among all those trying to play God can stop him from the achieving his ambition, If Allah swt ordains it. However it is not wrong for him to visit, consult and talk to people whom he believes are statesmen, elders in the party and even beyond. 

But you must remain focussed on what you want to achieve. The bottom line is, it is Allah swt who gives power to whom wants. Seek for  assistance, blessings and ask for power from  Him and forget about those who think they can anoint you, they are mare mortals none among them knows tomorrow but HE. 

Never give up WAZIRI

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