On Cheap talk and lack of basic knowledge of history 
“1999 constitution is a quasi-replica of the 1979 constitution. Its drafting was spearheaded by 3 legal luminaries Rotimi Williams,  Richard Akinjide and Ben Nwabueze.  The constitution drafting Committee had 59 members ( 40 from the south and 19 from the North ) and submitted to the constituent assembly for ratification. The lopsided membership in favour of the south was repeated at the 2014 Confab under GEJ) that they insist in implementing over and above the powers of the National Assembly.  Those who are now shouting to high heavens against the 1999 constitution are students of the same trio who drafted the 1979 in the first place which was replicated in the 1999 constitution that they love to tag as military imposed constitution for a new one. The military did not impose any constitution. Despite their incursions, the military was responsible for using it’s fiat to put together basic infrastructure including all the states ( except Midwestern state in the first Republic), the politicians are fond of bickering even if projects are of national interests. The politicians did not create a single LG either. We should appreciate the military as the only disciplined group to have held this country together. Talk, blackmail,  shifting blames in the name of freedom and democracy are cheap.  Imagine half of the National Assembly is full of civil society and military,  Anticorruption laws would have been passed and loots recovered in weeks for the use of all Nigerians. The bail funds wouldn’t have been diverted, nor shall we see over  60 Senior Advocates in one court to defend one person.”

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