A man received this message from his neighbor.

“Sorry sir, I have been using your wife day and night when you are not at home, in fact much more than you do.

I confess this now because I am feeling very guilty.

Hope you will accept my sincere apologies. I will pay if you wish to charge service fee.

Immediately after reading the message, the man shot his wife dead.

A few minutes later, he received another message:
“Sorry sir, a spelling mistake…
I meant _*WiFi*_ not ~Wife~.”

We must be very careful how we react to things, don’t be quick to get angry, find out the other person’s version of events and allow yourself room to reason before you react. This man killed his innocent wife, just because of a spelling mistake.

Patience is a Virtue.
Let this serve as a caution to us all, be slow to get angry. Anger opens the door to other deadly sins. Always look before you leap. May God help us all. Amen.

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