The unfolding events in our political space keeps preaking the relative peace, I am falsely begining to enjoy because of the low activity of Boko Harm in the North East Region, where I come from. My hope was once the security challenges are ebbed away, we shall begin to engage in rehabiltations and reconstructions. Little did I imagined that the agitations for resource control and the succession agenda spearded by an unknown quantity called Nnamdi Kanu would overheat the polity. The response by the Northern Youth calling the bluffs of Kanu, giving the Ibos ultimatum to leave the North raised the level of  my discomfort, considering the fact that if the situation is not carefully managed by our Elders and Politacal class, the gullible Nigerians will be loosers.

My fears were hinged on the historical events that led the country into a civil war which resulted into several losses of lives and properties. Our collective inability to nip into the bud small irritations that later explode in to big issues are legendary.

I can recall when Maitsine sect almost destroyed Kano and Maiduguri in the 70s. The several skirmishes in the Niger Delta. The Religious uprisals in Kaduna State, the Fulani-Settllers comflicts and lately the rise of the Boko Haram insurgency calls into question our ability to deal with problems as civilised people.
I had in my previous articles in this medium raised the need for caution in dealing with these national issues but the drum of war has continued to be fanned by our sectarian, educated and political elites to persue  their political, economic, social and ethnocentric agenda at the detriment of our desire to live together as one indivisible nation.

57 years afters the amalgamation of the Nothern and Southern protectorate regions by our colonial masters, the Elites and their cohorts hv been pulling the nation down to satisfy their subtrenian agenda. This agitations has stunnted all our efforts towards achieving economic, political, social integration and development

We have fought wars, witnessed several uprisals which challenged the essence of our existance as one indivisible nation.
The question to ask is how justifiable are the agitations? In trying to find  answers to this, it is impetative we examine the historical undertone for all the unneccessary wars, religiuos and political uprisals we went through as a nation state.
The Nigerian Civil War, 1967 – 1970, which was also known as the Biafra war costed the nation nearly 1million lives.
The conflict manifested as a result serious tensions, both ethnic and religious, between the different peoples of Nigeria. The elite that  emerged and took over from colonial masters wanted to take control of the economy and the leadership of their people that is why up today they look at Nigeria as an artificial construct, put together by agreement between European powers, paying little regard to historical African boundaries or population groups. To them therefore Nigeria nation is an imperfect Union.
The elites that followed the post independed group saw the benefits of the division and continued to follow similar thinking and saw nothing good in the imperfect marriage as they call it.
The raging conflicts under whatever guise be it the demand for resource control, succession, restructuring or the sovereing national confrence the truth  is that all these are meant to  justify the insatiable needs of Sectional leaders to maintain their hegemony and continue to milk us dry but not for the good of the our collective desires to live together.
I have argued else where that the four catch pharases being puhsed forward by our political elites as the cure of our problems as a nation would not take us any where. Permit me again repeat  them here for I intend to use it to show their  untenability in the light of current developing events.

The shifting of goal post for what needs to be done makes my earlier position still germain. The Yoruba group who are for ages calling for the sovereign national conference have seen how unrealizable the demand is in the light of what took place at the canfab of 2014.

YOLIMCO a new Yoruba youth group come out with bang to  denounce the clamour for restructuring. To them there is nothing to restructure again about the Nigerian State, as it is no longer relevant.  They are now calling for Odudua Republic.

The mistrust between the National Assembly and the Executive also makes it diffiIcult for any meaningful legislation to pass through the National Assrmbly, which under the current arrangement is the only body that can actually legitimize the call for restructuring.

To me a convergence position from the three geopolitical regions have emerged. The North still stand by the quit notice. The south east are not likely to budge from there demand for succession. The southwest have also said is either Odudua state or nothing.

The political class that are eyeing the election in 2019 have now become champions for the restructuring. In spite of the fact  non among them have so far come out  with a clear programme or issues to sell to the Nigerian public,  how the shape of the restructuring would look like so tht we could buy in. Are they waiting for the Executive to come up with something so that they could pannel beat and introduce chaos in the system as they often do?

Now where do we go from here
In my opinion, the Nigeria problem  is not about  faulty structure or who gets what but rather the way the Nigerian population have become so docile by allowing the Sectarian Leaders, the Political Class, the Elites to hijack their powers. We have failed as a people to make our leaders accountable. We have collectively been boxed in to submission, seen as noisy irritants, who can only bark but can not bite.

This docility has given our so called leaders the levearage to treat us any how. Unless we realise our potential to make our leaders accountable, all the clamours for resource control, sovereign national conference, restructuring will mean nothing but submitting to the hagemonic strategy by the elites to continue enslaving us.

What Nigeria needs is a visionary and in corruptible leaders at all level of governments to fight the pandemic corruption, mistrust and greed built over time by our corrupt leaders who most them are not fit to hold public office.

No restructuring, resource control or seccession will at the end of day take us to where we ought to have been. We have for long settled our diffrences in triabalism and religion, to borrow the from late Aminu Kano “Nigeria kowa ya san gidan ubanshi” meaning at the end of the day everybody knows where he is coming from and to a larger extent where he belongs. Enough of the rubish. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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