Agitation for Sovereign National Conference

If you are following the events in both the Main Stream and the Social Media these high flying words may not be amazing to you again, namely, Restructuring, Succession, Sovereign National Conference, Resource Control, Quit Notice and many more. The bottom line is that all the groups feel something is fundementally wrong in the way we live as a Nation. And we must therefore find away to deal with it.
The highly educated or the wiser of groups feel we should convene a Sovereign National Conference to determine the way forward for the country.

This is relatively followed by the less antagonistic group who call for the restructuring of the nation.
The war group are the irritants and less sophisticated who call for secession.
The blunt group are those who said if you want succeed, we tired of your antics, and they issued a quit notice to the seccession group to get out of their land.
Now the question to ask which of options, will get us there less antigoniscally bearing in mind the following historical lessons;

  1. It is not easy to forget the succession attempt that took place in our national history, which culminated in a civil war, during which so many lives and properties were lost, can we afford to go the same road again?
  2. For those calling for sovereign national conference we have seen the rancor that was generated in the talk shop called confab in 2014. Which is akin to what the group of the National Conference are calling for, even though they felt the talk shop did not go far enough. The report is on the shelve and may not be implemented. If we count the Billions of Naira and Man hour wasted, now that the country is in recession can we afford that futile exercise again?
  3. To restructure it means we have to change certain aspects of our federalism and this requires an act of parliament, With national assemblies that we have, do we honestly think something of this nature could see the light of the day?
  4. For the quit notice group a similar thing happened before the civil war. It was the utter confusion and the civil disobedience that characterized the period before the first shot of the gun was made that culminated into the 1967-1970 Nigerian Civil war. How can this be different from what we experienced?

The the futility of all these discourses is that none of the options can possiblly handle the situation without repercussions.
In all these who is the looser?
But before we get to that, it is instructive to recall some recent events of similar dimensions that happened else where.The Rwandan genocide, Southern Sudan, Libya and Syria crisis, the examples are too many.
Coming back home, during the Biafran War all the leaders that championed the crisis, ferried themselves and their families out of the country when the heat became so unbearable.
On a more lighter note we can recall the hues and cries about the number of private jets that were at Minna the capital of Niger State to attend the wedding of the daughter of the Ex Head of State, who is now calling for the restructuring of the country.
If the chips are down those same private jets are going to be used to ferry them, their children, kith and kins out of the country with jet speed.
It is me and you that would be left behind in the dark abyss, to face the consequences of their hegemonic actions.
So let us not be deceived by their new found nationalistic thinking, they want us to swallow hook, line and sinker. Nigeria is greater than any individual or group.
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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